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Case Study - IT Services

Codelogicx Technologies Streamlines Device Management Amidst the Pandemic with 42Gears Solution

Business Overview

Codelogicx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an India-based IT product engineering company working with startups and enterprises. Since 2013, the company has offered its IT applications and products to several clients in the mortgage and real estate, enterprise ERP, fintech, healthcare, business and operation platforms, and e-commerce industries.

Background and Challenges

When the pandemic hit, the Codelogicx team transitioned its operations into a remote working model for business continuity. The geographically dispersed DevOps teams used a mix of Windows and Linux laptops to conduct operations. However, this introduced a few major challenges for their IT team - monitoring and maintaining laptops remotely. 

  1. The work-from-home operating model made it challenging for their IT team to manage these devices remotely. 
  2. As the devices were distributed across India, Codelogicx needed a way to track them and ensure that they were not lost and conduct maintenance activities remotely.
  3. The company needed to ensure the security of devices and corporate resources and enforce policies on them.  
  4. There was no way to provide the DevOps teams secure access to the apps and devices they needed for work. This, in turn, caused delays and impacted productivity. 
  5. The company struggled to restrict unauthorized activity of any kind, or to stop data leaks.
  6. In the event of employees leaving the company, wiping the devices remotely was challenging. Also, help-desk technicians often struggled to perform diagnostic and remedial operations to help users facing issues.

Industry: IT Services
Location: India

Products: SureMDM

Operating System: Windows and Linux

Challenges: When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, Codelogicx had trouble gaining visibility into device inventory and eventually managing apps and updates for devices based on multiple platforms.

Solution: Using SureMDM by 42Gears, their IT team got improved access to the mixed pool of devices. Soon the IT admins were able to track the devices easily and manage devices, apps, and policies remotely, which in turn, helped them to manage the company-owned devices from anywhere at any time.


Codelogicx Technologies solved its device management challenges with 42Gears software. The company deployed the SureMDM Premium suite on all its devices. Soon, the IT team was able to: 

  1. View, access, and manage the entire inventory of devices from a central console, even though they were a mix of Windows, Macbooks, and Linux laptops
  2. Track all the devices across India and ensure that they remained safe with employees at all times
  3. Ensure the security of corporate data on apps and devices by enforcing corporate policies remotely
  4. Install and update applications and provide access to required apps as needed 
  5. Restrict unauthorized activities and data loss by preventing employees from copying and pasting between apps, or transferring proprietary company information from company laptops to external environments
  6. Remotely wipe company’s proprietary data from a laptop assigned to an employee. With SureMDM’s remote access capabilities, technicians could easily log into employee computers, take control from anywhere and troubleshoot issues easily.


Codelogicx has seen major benefits by implementing 42Gears software:

  1. SureMDM, the 42Gears UEM solution, helped them to achieve greater control over all their devices.
  2. The IT team could remotely manage the distributed devices from anywhere at any time.


SureMDM is one of the good products among all of the 42Gears provided products. It is a nice experience using the SureMDM Product. The main thing I like about this product is its rich features, reliability & robustness. I've tested many features in our daily use-cases which leads me to believe it is well developed. The support team is also good and has good technical knowledge. I would really say if you're looking for a Multi-OS Device Management Service, just go for it.

Devashish Gupta,
DevOps Engineer