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Case Study - Education

Australian Medical Council Bolsters Clinical Assessments with 42Gears Products

Business Overview

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) is a non-for-profit organization established in 1985. It is an independent national standards body for medical education and training in Australia. The AMC’s purpose is to ensure that standards of education, training and assessment of the medical profession promote and protect the health of the Australian community.

The AMC conducts Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) for International Medical Graduates (IMGs). IMGs are qualified medical practitioners who have trained outside of Australia but are now seeking registration in Australia.

The AMC conducts these examinations at a purpose-built facility called the National Test Center (NTC), located in Melbourne. The NTC adopts many IT and Audio Visual technologies to deliver a high-stakes digital examination; this includes a fleet of 30 Android tablets. The primary use of the tablets is to digitally mark an IMG’s performance during an examination using a custom web application. Tablets are also utilized for audiovisual playback and control.  

Background and Challenges

The tablets are the key instrument used for marking an IMG’s examination performance, it was crucial they were optimized and streamlined for that purpose. AMC looked for a device management solution that would help them resolve several issues, including: 

  1. The ability to host an MDM solution on-premise for added security and speed.
  2. The ability to install and update applications on all tablets at once.
  3. The ability to launch and close the marking application on all tablets at the same time.
  4. The ability to lock the tablets down so only the marking application is available to the users and that they cannot accidentally exit the application or perform any other functions.
  5. The ability for administrators to remotely support both the tablets and users, even after they are locked down. Most importantly, they needed to achieve this in a way that would have minimal impact on the examination.
  6. The ability to actively monitor each tablet’s status through metrics like battery, network connectivity, and logs.

Industry: Education
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Products: SureMDM, SureLock and SureFox

Operating System: Android

Devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung Galaxy A52

Challenges: AMC needed an easy way to deploy applications, ensure secure web browsing and provide remote support to end users.

Solution: SureFox helps AMC to create a safe browsing environment on their devices. SureLock provides access to required device functionality to turn their devices into dedicated-purpose devices. SureMDM makes it easier to monitor devices in real time, provide remote support, and launch the SureFox secure browsing application.


SureMDM by 42Gears and SureLock by 42Gears

AMC chose 42Gears to help them because 42Gears offered a feature-rich and affordable device management solution. 42Gears helped AMC deploy devices with SureFox, SureLock and SureMDM.

SureFox, a secure browsing solution, restricted browser functionality to only pre-approved web applications. SureLock, a kiosk lockdown solution, restricted access to required device functionality to turn them into dedicated purpose devices. SureMDM made it easy for AMC to manage devices remotely and ensure they could not be used for any other purpose than their intended purpose.

  1. By configuring a secure browsing environment, AMC turned devices into browser-only kiosks. This prevented off-topic browsing and minimized the risk of downloading malware.
  2. By restricting the number of applications in lockdown mode using the kiosk functionality of SureLock, AMC is able to ensure that examiners do not have access to unnecessary device functions and settings. It also helps them to streamline the user experience.
  3. AMC uses SureMDM’s remote control feature to access the tablets and marking application to log in users to the system.
  4. SureMDM’s Remote Management feature allows IT Administrators to monitor the devices in real time to ensure their batteries are optimally charged and devices stay connected to only secure and approved Wi-Fi networks during an exam. This allows users to be more productive and efficient. The Remote Management feature also ensures that IT Administrators have enough time to remotely optimize the devices for the next exam in an extremely efficient way.
  5. SureMDM helps the AMC IT administrators launch the SureFox application with the correct web application URL at the beginning of each exam session. It also helps them easily deploy the application on multiple devices at once.


  • By restricting users' access to unnecessary device functionality, AMC has been able to significantly reduce interruptions during examinations and increase security.
  • SureMDM’s Remote Control feature has made device management much easier for AMC IT administrators if support is required.
  • SureMDM dashboard provides a wealth of information regarding device status so IT administrators can put in place preventive measures to reduce any disruptions to the examination.
  • SureMDM logs provide invaluable information for debugging if there is an issue with a device.


42Gears products have streamlined our requirement to manage, maintain and use our fleet of Android devices. We have seen significant improvement in efficiency and productivity for our company after we deployed our 42Gears solution. The 42Gears support team are always prompt in responding to our technical queries and have helped us develop new product features.

- Prabin Rijal,
  ICT and AV Systems Support Officer,
  Australian Medical Council