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Case Study - Microfinance

al Amana Microfinance Improved its Operational efficiency using SureMDM

Business Overview

al Amana Microfinance is a non-profit organization that offers financial products, such as solidarity loans, individual loans to companies, and individual loans for accommodation or housing. It also has products intended for the promotion of income, for the improvement of accommodation, or to ensure the availability of electricity and potable water.

Background and CHALLENGES

As the number of devices kept increasing, al Amana’s IT team began worrying about managing those devices. They were looking for ways to install apps and share documents from a single console. Also, they were concerned about data security as mobile threats continue to become more sophisticated.

The Solution

After in-depth research, al Amana chose 42Gears because of the simplicity of its product workflow and reasonably-priced solutions. 42Gears analyzed the client’s environment, understood their pain points, and subsequently deployed SureMDM and SureLock on all its devices. 

Soon, they were able to:

  1. Remotely install company applications
  2. Reap the benefits of the SureMDM integrated Inbox service 
  3. Optimally use the security policy options to protect confidential information.


al Amana has witnessed a 200% increase in efficiency by implementing 42Gears software:

  • al Amana’s employees use mobile devices without any distraction, which has enhanced their productivity. 
  • It has also enabled them to restrict device misuse and improve device maintenance.

Industry: Microfinance

Location: Rabat, Morocco 

Products: SureMDM 

Operating System: Android

Devices:Samsung TAB A8 T259 and Tab A7 Lite T225

Challenges: The IT department found it challenging to handle the growing number of devices singularly. It was also difficult for the team to install apps and share documents.

Solutions: 42Gears helped them in increasing productivity and improving the device management process. By deploying SureMDM, al Amana was able to control all the devices remotely while installing and updating apps seamlessly.


“By deploying SureMDM, we are able to achieve enhanced device maintenance. It allowed us to update and install the software in less time while increasing the device usage efficiency”

Telecom Manager,
al Amana