Case Study - Field Services

42Gears Improves Productivity by 30% for
Signal 88 Security of Anchorage

For a security service provider, active communication is key to ensure effective security management. Mobile devices are being used extensively in this field to enable seamless implementation of surveillance details. Some security service providers use special applications designed specifically to enable smooth transfer of data such as security job details and instructions between the organization and the security personnel.

How Signal 88 Security of Anchorage, Alaska Adopted Mobility to Prepare its Workforce

Signal 88 Security provides customized security services for residential, commercial, retail and institutional customers. It creates customized solutions unique to customer needs. From flagship randomized roving vehicle patrols to security consultations and dedicated services, Signal 88 provides an array of security solutions.

Signal 88 provides a niche service in Anchorage, Alaska. It offers customized security services for individuals, businesses, neighborhoods and communities. Signal 88 Security of Anchorage franchise has equipped its security personnel with Samsung J3 devices which run the 88Edge Guard Tour app. 88Edge is a mobile and web-based application designed to connect field personnel with management and clients. It provides centralized data access to help the company make better security and business decisions, while streamlining their processes, and optimizing their resources.

Signal 88 Security

Industry :  Field Services

Location : Anchorage, Alaska

Product : 42Gears UEM Suite

Operating System :  Android

Devices : Samsung J3


Helping their security officers stay mobile presented some challenges for Signal 88 -

1. Using devices for non-work purpose: Security officers had full access to the device functionalities and settings. This often lead to device misuse and increased the cost of mobile maintenance.

2. Lack of restriction on data usage: There was no control over cellular data usage, resulting in high data bills for the company. It also impacted employee focus during the work hours and productivity.

3. Security risk: Everytime the 88Edge app crashed, the security officers had to reinstall the app which requires an install passcode. Therefore, the management had to give the passcode access to security officers, which presented a security risk.


Signal 88 Security of Anchorage uses 42Gears UEM suite to control and manage their field devices. Some of the benefits that the company enjoys includes -

Device Control: Signal 88 is able to manage its mobile devices with access to only necessary apps to ensure its security personnel do not have access to any other application or data other than the approved ones. The devices are also provisioned with the necessary settings to ensure they are used by security officers only for work purposes.

App Management: The company uses 42Gears UEM solution to update and even restart/reinstall 88Edge app anytime if it crashes on the devices. Re-installation of 88Edge app requires an install passcode. 42Gears UEM allows Signal 88 to remotely install the app without sharing the login passcodes with the security officers.

Device Management: Signal 88 is able to remotely manage its devices and settings to ensure optimum device usage. It is also able to remotely track and locate its devices on the field.

Remote Support: Signal 88 uses 42Gears UEM’s Remote Support feature to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues with the devices.


  • The data bills on field mobile devices went down from a few hundred to tens of dollars.
  • The security officers are able to complete more patrols as they are less distracted by their mobile devices, increasing productivity by 30%.
  • Device malfunctions are also reduced by 40% as the security officers are able to use devices for intended purposes only.


"SureLock has assisted us with mitigating misuse of our company devices. We have been able to prevent our Officers from accessing specific applications, web browsers and cellular data tethering that ultimately distracts them from conducting their duties. Once set up, SureLock and SureMDM are simple to operate and maintain. The features available are high-grade and present easy-to-use solutions to mobility issues our Franchise has experienced. 42Gears support has always been top notch. It has always been easy to get a live person on the phone when I've had issues."    

- Will Serra,
Owner of Signal 88 Security, Anchorage