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Case Study - Healthcare

Spectrum of Hope - Texas-based Therapy Clinic Saves 50% Cost on IT Management with 42Gears UEM-01

42Gears Helps World-Class Autism Therapy Clinic Manage Its Devices Effectively

Business Overview

Spectrum of Hope is a clinic in Houston, Texas, USA, focused on helping individuals on the autism spectrum learn the behaviors needed for a productive and positive lifestyle.  

Spectrum of Hope uses ABA (applied behavioral analytics), an empirical and data-driven method of therapy that reinforces positive behaviors while discouraging maladaptive ones. 

Spectrum of Hope provides ABA therapy for a range of ages, accommodating autistic children, teenagers, and adults.

Background and Challenges

Spectrum of Hope issued mobile devices to its staff for the sake of taking notes and retrieving patient records. Although this was very helpful for staff, a few new problems emerged as well.

  1. The clinic’s IT team needed to manage many different kinds of devices, which made it difficult to rely solely on tools offered by individual device manufacturers.
  2. If devices supported games and other off-topic apps, the devices could distract both clinicians and patients. 
  3. Malfunctioning devices made therapy difficult and troubleshooting required clinicians to send the devices for repairs.

The Solution

SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

Spectrum of Hope worked with 42Gears to implement SureMDM, the 42Gears device management solution, as well as SureLock, the 42Gears device lockdown solution. 

The clinic especially appreciated the emphasis that 42Gears placed on ease-of-use. 

With the help of 42Gears, Spectrum of Hope resolved the issues it had experienced with business devices.

Spectrum of Hope Logo

Name : Spectrum of Hope

Industry  :  Healthcare

Location : Houston, Texas, USA

Platforms : Android and iOS 

Solution : SureMDM and SureLock

Deployment Size : 200

Challenges : Spectrum of Hope provided its staff with smart devices, but this introduced issues with distractions and downtime caused by device malfunction. 

Solution : SureMDM allowed Spectrum of Hope to quickly troubleshoot malfunctioning devices remotely, while SureLock restricted devices to only the applications needed to conduct therapy.

  1. SureMDM offered support for a range of manufacturer tools, which allowed Spectrum of Hope to manage all of its devices from a single central console. 
  2. Spectrum of Hope used SureLock to restrict devices to only the apps needed to provide quality care, keeping both patients and staff on-task. 
  3. SureMDM’s Remote Troubleshooting feature allowed admins to quickly fix device issues without the need to be physically present.


  • By streamlining its technology management, Spectrum of Hope cut its IT infrastructure costs in half.
  • Productivity improved by 50% thanks to improved focus.
  • Faster troubleshooting made it easier to complete administrative activities, allowing the clinic to completely replace paper-based record keeping and achieve a 50% efficiency increase.


“I have reached out to the 42Gears support team many times and have always had a very positive experience. The products are rock solid and are very reasonably priced.”

James Rose,
IT Admin, Spectrum of Hope.