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Case Study - Food Delivery

Leading Transportation Network Company, DiDi Chuxing, secures their LATAM Food Delivery wing with 42Gears UEM

42Gears Helps DiDi Food Launch Major Delivery Networks in Japan and Mexico

Business Overview

DiDi Food is a food-delivery service created by DiDi Chuxing, China’s largest rideshare provider. 

Currently operating in Mexico and Japan, DiDi Food brings food directly from a range of restaurants to the doorsteps of those using the DiDi Food app. 

Global brands like Burger King and KFC have partnered with DiDi Food to offer special promotions through the DiDi Food app.

Background and Challenges

To make delivery as easy as possible, DiDi Food provides restaurants with a tablet that relays incoming orders. This allows restaurants to start preparing food right away once a customer submits a request. These tablets introduced some challenges, however:

  1. DiDi Food needed a way to quickly configure many tablets at once, as setting up devices one-by-one would be too time consuming. 
  2. To ensure service workers stayed focused, DiDi Food needed to ensure that its tablets could not play games or serve other unintended functions. 
  3. When app and content updates became available, DiDi Food needed a way to instantly distribute them to each device without having to visit in-person.
  4. If devices malfunctioned, DiDi Food needed a way to remotely troubleshoot them. it would not be efficient to send a technician on-site for every device issue. 
  5. In order to prevent theft, DiDi Food needed a way to track tablets and ensure they were not taken off-premise. 
  6. DiDi Food needed to check usage patterns to make sure their devices improved productivity as intended.

Name : DiDi Food (run by DiDi Mexico, a subsidiary of Didi Chuxing)

Industry : Field Services/Hospitality

Location : Mexico and Japan

Products : SureMDM by 42Gears and SureLock by 42Gears

OS : Android

Device Type : Lenovo tablets

Challenges : DiDi Food needed a way to set up, monitor, and protect the tablets it provided to restaurants. 

Solution : SureMDM helped DiDi Food configure, update, and repair devices remotely. SureLock restricted tablets to only pre-approved apps to keep workers focused.

The Solution

SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

42Gears had the tools needed for DiDi Food to overcome its concerns. DiDi Food specifically implemented SureMDM, the 42Gears device management solution, and SureLock, the 42Gears device lockdown solution. 

Together, SureMDM and SureLock proved very useful:

  1. SureMDM’s Mass Enrollment feature made it easy for DiDi Food to set up many tablets quickly from the central SureMDM console. 
  2. SureLock restricted devices to only apps that DiDi Food approved, keeping workers on-task. 
  3. DiDi Food could push updates to devices rapidly thanks to SureMDM’s remote update feature. 
  4. SureMDM offered Remote Control functionality that allowed technicians to troubleshoot devices remotely, simulating taps and clicks as if they were on-site. 
  5. DiDi Food could configure devices so that GPS tracking was always enabled. This made it easy to ensure devices did not leave the restaurants to which they were provided. 
  6. SureMDM’s Custom Report function allowed DiDi Food to painlessly collect, graph, and analyze device usage data.


  • Easily setting up devices helped DiDi Food use time more effectively, resulting in an overall efficiency improvement of 40%. 
  • Thanks to improved worker focus, DiDi Food witnessed a 50% increase in productivity. 
  • Ensuring that every device was consistent helped the company run smoothly across many different restaurants. 
  • Remote support functionality helped DiDi Food troubleshoot devices more easily, resulting in a 15% reduction in the cost of IT infrastructure management. 
  • Tracking devices allowed DiDi Food to improve accountability and reduce the likelihood of theft. 
  • Analytics data allowed DiDi Food to get real-time feedback regarding its tablet deployment, enabling the company to make changes as necessary.


"We were launching a business that needed huge numbers of devices (tablets), all deployed at our client locations. We needed these devices to be configured based on our requirements, such as limiting the use of the device to a dedicated purpose, battery protection, and so on. Initially, we considered several different solutions to lock down our devices, simplify onboarding and enable remote management. Some of them were time-consuming, others were less economical. Fortunately, we were introduced to the 42Gears UEM solution, which we found helpful.

42Gears UEM is so mature and perfectly met our technical requirements within our budget and the timeframe we had in mind. There are so many features that we did not expect to use but that proved to be very useful to our business, such as customized reports. The on-boarding process was very simple and it was quite easy for us to teach this enrollment method to our local employees. The support offered by the 42Gears UEM team is very impressive, especially because with our kind of requirements, we often needed immediate responses and they provided us with instant support.”

 Peter Yang Zhe, Operations Manager, DiDi Mexico