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User Account Management with SureMDM: Simple, Easy, and Effortless

Mar 11, 2024 | Harshita B

Whether you're part of a small or large organization, as an IT Admin, a significant portion of your day needs to be dedicated to overseeing user accounts across your organization's device fleet. From remotely creating new accounts for employees to managing access rights and permissions, user account management can quickly become overwhelming. 

While SureMDM does offer the convenience of using runscript jobs for setting up user accounts in the console, we've now made it even more easily accessible and intuitive for IT Admins. 

In this blog, we will explore how SureMDM simplifies user account management on both macOS and Windows platforms. But first, let’s discuss a bit about user account management. 

What is User Account Management?

User account management entails IT admins to add or remove user accounts, set user access to work resources, and do more all while maintaining the integrity and security of device data. 

Is User Account Management Necessary for Your Organization?

Yes, absolutely! Here are 4 reasons why:

  1. Ensure Security: Let’s imagine a simple scenario where multiple users are required to work on a single device (eg: shift workers).  In such cases, an IT admin needs to ensure each user is added to the device, given separate login credentials with profile settings unique to them, and also prevented from accessing other profiles. This is where user account management proves vital. 
  2. Access Control: IT admins often struggle to ensure appropriate user access to resources and data. User account management protocols help prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive information.
  3. Device Management: User account management helps streamline the management of multiple accounts across different devices. IT admins can set and change passwords, modify user access, and do more remotely, without the need for direct physical access to the device.
  4. Enhanced Productivity: User account management contributes to enhanced productivity by granting users only the necessary privileges for their roles. This prevents distractions, potential security breaches, and also reduces administrative costs by 80% in managing user access and password requests. 

A UEM solution like SureMDM provides a robust platform for efficient user account management without compromising security or productivity.

User Account Management Made Easy with SureMDM

The latest enhancement to User Management has simplified this process for Windows and macOS devices to a greater extent. 

User Account Management for Windows

Admins can now effortlessly add/delete user accounts, modify permissions, configure/change passwords remotely without relying on a run script job–enhancing admin efficiency in Windows Management

But that’s not all! The Time-based Access Control feature in SureMDM enables IT admins to define start times, end times, and weekly schedules during which the Windows device can be accessed. This feature proves invaluable in situations with employees working varying shifts or when multiple users share a common device, ensuring access without compromising the security of other users' profiles.

User Account Management for macOS

With SureMDM User Account Management, IT admins can add new user accounts, remove user accounts, and additionally set/modify the account type (Standard or Administrator) for macOS devices as well.  

Note: Supported on macOS 10.15 or later, running SureMDM agent version 2.8.2 & above.

Wrapping Up

Managing user accounts can be a daunting task for IT administrators, but with the right tools and strategies in place, it doesn't have to be. SureMDM for macOS and Windows devices offers a comprehensive solution to simplify user account management and streamline the entire process.

Get started with SureMDM today!

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