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Configure Settings using Cloud Import and Export

Applies to: Product SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo Platform Android/iOS   All 42Gears products provide the options to export and import settings for making the gruesome task of configuring multiple devices with identical settings quick and easy. We have gone one more step further now and made it much easier. Now, there is no need of transferring setting files…

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Announcing SureFox for iOS! Highly customizable iPad Kiosk Browser

After delivering a very popular kiosk browser solution for Android platform, we are pleased to announce that the same highly customizable solution is now available on iOS powered iPad tablets – SureFox for iOS Safari is a good browser but it lacks key features making it unsuitable for use in kiosk environment. It does not…

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How to convert iPad into Kiosk device

Applies to: Product SureLock Platform iOS iPads are beautiful, not just by their looks but with great performance and sharp screens. The only limitation which comes across while considering them as kiosk devices is the inability to block the Home Button. SureLock helps you to put your application in kiosk mode by disabling the Home button…

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