Internet Filtering via Keyword Blocking: The Right Way to Control Browsing

Nov 25, 2020 | 42Gears Team

By its nature, the Internet is unpredictable. This means there is always something new to see, but it poses a major challenge for businesses who use internet filtering to keep employees on-task. The best way to overcome this challenge is keyword blocking; in other words, to block websites by keyword.

Read on to learn how this technique works, and why it is a better choice than simply blocking specific sites. From there, you’ll also learn how to get started implementing it yourself.

Why is standard internet filtering not enough?

Traditionally, internet filters support a “blacklist” of specific sites that users cannot visit. Ideally, once users realize they cannot visit these sites, they will become more productive and focused.

Unfortunately, any given website has thousands of alternatives that users can access instead. Therefore, the “blacklist” barely imposes restrictions at all. This means schools, stores, and hospitals will be liable for whatever alternative websites users find.

To combat this, internet filtering tools normally offer an alternative “whitelist” approach. Here, a network administrator can specify websites that users are allowed to access. If a website is not on the whitelist, it will be off-limits for users.

Although useful in some circumstances, the “whitelist” approach is insufficient as well. It is often too restrictive, preventing users from effectively finding the innocuous resources they need.

An more effective alternative: SureFox by 42Gears

SureFox is a secure browser by 42Gears that ensures users can only use the Internet in ways that admins permit.

SureFox includes the ability to block websites by keyword. Once administrators choose a set of keywords, SureFox will prevent users from accessing any website that includes those terms. Even if users find workarounds to avoid blacklisted sites, keyword filtering will ensure they cannot access alternative sites.

Additionally, SureFox can record user activity for admins to analyze later. SureFox integrates with SureMDM, the 42Gears device management solution, so SureMDM’s analytics tools can provide meaningful insight into how SureFox users behave. If someone finds a loophole, you will be able to quickly find out.

How can SureFox help?

  • Easy Set-Up: SureFox’s keyword filtering options streamline filtering, making it an easy one-time process to set up an effective filter. There’s no need to specifically approve or exempt websites, and therefore, you can implement a dynamic filter without constantly needing to update it.
  • Clear Rules: With SureFox’s dynamic filtering, you can establish clear rules regarding what users can access. Rather than having to judge new websites on a case-by-case basis, SureFox can automatically judge the site based on the terms it uses.
  • Easily Scalable: SureFox offers a way to easily import and export settings between devices via cloud. Once you set it up on one device, you can rapidly set it up on every other device as well.


No one wants device users to access malicious or illicit websites in offices, schools, hospitals, or other major public spaces. With SureFox, administrators can make sure these websites are fully off-limits, even as the Internet evolves over time.

If you would like to improve user focus and accountability, you can try SureFox free for a month. Once you see it in action, you can either purchase it as a standalone product, or as part of SureMDM.

Make the Internet a safer place with SureFox


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