Which product do I need? SureLock, SureFox Basic or SureFox Pro?

All the 42Gears products are unique with specific features and benefits. It would be really easy to decide on which solution best fits your requirement if you know what each product can do or is capable of doing. Here we are going to talk about three products; SureFox Basic, SureFox Pro and SureLock for Android devices. SureFox Basic allows…

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Anti-theft Security Solution for Enterprise Windows Mobile devices

SureCop has received good response from customers since it was released to market in late September. As of today SureCop is among Top 5 security tools at http://www.mobile2day.de. German version is especially doing very well. Now we are making SureCop available to our enterprise customers. Volume pricing is available and a few companies have already…

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WindowsITPro talks about SureRC

Brian Reinholz has written about SureRC on Windows IT Pro website where he is production editor for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine, specializing in training and certification. Thanks Brian for mentioning SureRC. Here is the link for the article: http://www.windowsitpro.com/article/mobile-and-wireless2/SureRC-Smartphone-Remote-Control.aspx Share this:

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