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Better Customer Experience at Restaurants using Smart Devices based Digital Signage

Jan 02, 2018 | 42Gears Team

With sales of $799 billion (Source:National Restaurant Association Report 2017), US restaurant industry is one of the largest potential markets for the new age technologies. Nowadays, many restaurants are adopting digital signage solutions in an effort to boost sales and enhance customer service. Any off-the shelf smart devices based on Android or Windows OS can be turned into quick, easy and cost effective- dynamic displays, which can be centrally controlled and easily managed through an MDM tool.

Here are some of the ways in which digital signage can be used effectively and its benefits:

Digital Signage Applications

Indoor Queue. For a customer waiting in the ordering queue, digital displays can show promotions and offers. This will help customer in deciding what they want to order.

Digital Menu Boards. Menu boards can display bright, bold graphics and exactly reproduce corporate brand colors ensuring the brand identity is always represented in the correct way. Also, interactive digital touch-screen menus reduces perceived dwell time for customers who are waiting in line and help process orders more quickly to reduce lineups. Digital menu boards make it easier to switch from lunch menus to dinner options and can be updated with respective pricing anytime.

Dining Area– Restaurants can run branding, entertainment or products videos like beverages and desserts for a visual upsell while customers dine.

Drive-throughs- Brands can employ different kinds of display technologies for entertainment, including LCDs and large Display Units at the drive-thru areas. Promotions on these digital displays can get customers to stay longer and spend more.

Feedback Mechanism- Display tablets with interactive touch technology enables real-time feedback collection mechanism. Moreover, during idle time, digital signage devices can be used to collect customers’ feedback.


Benefits of Digital Communication

Reinforcing The Brand

The use of video, animation, and other multimedia content has been proven to improve brand recall and enhance the dining experience.

Surging Sales Through Promotions – Digital signage solution allows restaurant operators to run targeted promotions and modify content on the fly based on external parameters like seasonal discounts etc.

Elimination of Printed Menu Costs

When using tablets for displaying the menu, restaurants completely eliminate the printed menu costs. They do not have to replace damaged menus or print new menus for every time a new item is added.


But setting up individual signage devices can be an expensive exercise  that many businesses might find difficult to shell out money for. With 42Gears’ SureVideo Digital Signage solution, any smart device can be easily converted into a dedicated signage equipment. It makes it easy for restaurants and eateries to deliver targeted content to their customers and effectively grab their attention. SureVideo is an easy and nimble product that can display advertisements, news, menu or offer information to the customers.

Restaurants can install SureVideo on tablets or TV stick to configure and run menu or feedback applications. New playlists or video can be pushed to multiple deployed devices at any time. SureVideo’s seamless integration with SureMDM allows restaurants to easily manage and control the devices remotely.

42Gears Digital Signage Solution is an ideal solution for restaurants to enhance customer experience and generate more revenues using smart devices.

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