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SureLock: The Ultimate Lockdown for Androids

Dic 29, 2011 | 42Gears Team

Android Smartphones and Tablets provide everything your business needs and actually much more than you need-multimedia capabilities your employees would love to misuse. Practically it would be really difficult to keep an eye on every enterprise-owned device. The safest bet is to lock down your Android tablets and smartphones using SureLock. Repressively tested on the most commonly used Android devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab & HTC to name a few, SureLock provides a highly secure yet smooth UI to create the best lockdown environment for your devices.

SureLock for Android Tablets and Smartphones

SureLock for Android Tablets and Smartphones

Prominent features of SureLock for Android are:

1. Runs only what is allowed, no trespassers allowed
2. Control access to WiFi, Bluetooth, Audio, Orientation settings and more
3. Single Application Mode- Ensures one application is running all the time, even after system reboot
4. Automatically launch applications at startup
5. Password protected access for administrators

Whatever be your device, wherever be your device, you can have complete peace of mind using SureLock. No more worries about device being used for unproductive purposes.

SureLock can be downloaded from Android Market or directly from the website. For trial and purchase related queries, visit us at

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