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Kiosk mode on Windows Mobile devices

Jul 28, 2009 | 42Gears Team

Are you looking for a solution to easily lock down your Windows Mobile devices into kiosk mode, check out SureLock.

By design Windows Mobile OS is a generic platform. It contains lots of built in programs like games, browser, messaging apps etc. Windows Mobile also provides the users different ways to access and run those applications. Here are some:

*Start Menu
* Hardware buttons (keypad)
* Taskbar icons on top
* File Explorer
* Autorun on SD Card
* ActiveSync
* CAB Installation

Many organizations use Windows Mobile devices to run business applications that their employees use. Unless the device is locked the employee can access games and other apps and can get distracted during working hours, resulting in loss of productivity. Moreover a not-so-knowledgeable person can disrupt the device settings (database deletion, turn-off wireless) which will cause business application failure. “Corrupt” devices are returned to IT department which again wastes critical time and money.

Above problems can be avoided by locking down the devices so that only “approved” application can be launched and used by the employees. Our flagship product SureLock is a highly configurable solution which enables kiosk type execution environment on Windows Mobile devices. SureLock Studio has features that make locking down of the Windows Mobile devices damn easy!

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