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How to Migrate From Samsung SureMDM Nix Agent to KNOX Nix Agent?

Applies to:
Product SureMDM
Platform Samsung Android

We had two versions of SureMDM Nix Agent; one for Samsung devices (supporting salient features for Samsung devices like reboot, silent installation of applications, etc) and one for Non-Samsung devices. And due to recent policy changes from Samsung, we have now migrated all our Samsung specific changes to our generic version. This means we now have just one version which is compatible with all Android device. This new version makes use of Samsung KNOX SDK to offer salient features for Samsung devices (running Android 4.2.2 and above) like remote control, reboot, silent installation, email configuration, etc. Going forward we will be adding new features and bug fixes to this version only.

In case you have been using the Samsung Nix Agent version 3.14 or  3.17, download the setup from here, extract the files and follow below mentioned steps to migrate from Samsung Nix to KNOX Nix version.


Note: If your device is not locked down with SureLock, skip the first three steps and proceed from step no. 4.

1. Open the file migrate.settings  from the provided package in notepad


2. Find the node with name SurelockPassword here and enter your SureLock password as its value.

     For example, If password is ‘0000’: <SureLockPassword>0000</SureLockPassword>


3. Save the changes

4. Open the file NixSettings.xml from this package in notepad to change the CustomerID and DeviceName in NixSettings.xml


5. Find the node with name CustomerID here and enter your Customer ID as its value.

Note: For SureMDM On-Premise version, enter 1 as the value in node with name server.

     For example, <CustomerID>1234567</CustomerID>


6. Save the file

7. Once done saving, login to your SureMDM Web Console and create a new Jobcreate_job

8. One by one add the following files to this install job and save it (order has to be the same as in the picture)

     SureMDM Nix5.24.apk (Knox) version 5.24,

     suremigratev3.20.apk version 3.20,

     migrate.settings file and



9. Create another Run Script Job and paste the script below in the job




10. Create a Composite Job and add jobs created in step 8 and 9 into it


11. Select the device from Device List section and Apply the Composite Job

12. On device, you have to follow following on-screen instructions to complete:

Note: The users would be forced to complete the migration steps as the prompts will not go off the screen unless the users perform all the below mentioned steps.

 i. Tap on Activate on Activate device administrator prompt


ii. Tap on Deactivate on Device administrator prompt


iii. On Uninstall app prompt, tap on Uninstall 


vi. SureMDM Nix once successfully uninstalled, you will get a prompt with License Agreement


v. Go through the details and tap on Confirm to continue

vi. Once done, new KNOX Nix will relaunch on the screen.

NoteSureMDM will ensure a forced installation of the new KNOX Nix so that the users cannot pass the installation process. The users will get a prompt to install and if denied the prompt would appear after set intervals till KNOX Nix is successfully installed.

To register for SureMDM Trial for 30 Daysclick here

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How to use NFC Tags with SureFox?

Applies to:
Product SureFox
Platform Android

NFC or Near Field Communication is capability of two devices to send data to each other when they are brought into close proximity. Nowadays, it is generally used in form of NFC tags which can be read by mobile devices such as Android based tablets and smartphones. NFC usage varies from launching specific websites or for other actions such as providing Wi-Fi configuration to visitors at a café. And, the availability of NFC encoding apps like Tagster have made them even more versatile and functional.

Web applications running in SureFox can take advantage of NFC Tags. SureFox can provide the lockdown of the device with access to only allowed webpages and NFC tags can be configured to launch those webpages. Each product then can have a NFC tag encoded with a web url pointing to a web page containing detailed information about the product. The customer now has to just bring the locked android device close to the product to view the product's detailed information within the browser.


To enable NFC option in your Android device, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Tap on Settings from the menu.

2. On Settings screen, tap on more settings option.

3. On more settings screen, tap and enable NFC option.

4. Once done, your Android device will read all NFC Tags when brought in proximity.

To read more about SureFox, click here

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For any further question, write to us on info@42gears.com


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How to restrict browsing to only allowed websites in SureLock?

Applies to:
Product SureMDM
Platform Samsung Android

Its often intended to lockdown the devices to just few applications and few websites. This lockdown configuration can be achieved using SureFox Basic in conjunction with SureLock.

surelock with surefoxTo use SureLock and Surefox to lockdown your Android device to only allowed applications and restrict browsing to only allowed websites, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Download SureFox and SureLock

2. Launch SureFox

3. Access SureFox Settings by tapping on SureFox Homescreen five times within three seconds

4. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Allowed Websites

5. On Add/Edit Allowed Webistes screen, tap on Add URL to add an allowed website

6. On Enter Website Details screen, enter the details of the website

7. Tap on Done to complete

8. Tap on Exit SureFox to exit SureFox

9. Launch SureLock

10. Access SureLock Settings by tapping on SureLock Homescreen five times within three seconds

11. On Admin Settings screen, tap on Allowed Applications

12. On Allowed Applications screen, tap on Add App to allow an application

13. Select SureFox and tap on Done

14. On Admin Settings screen, tap on Done to complete

Once back on SureLock Homescreen, SureFox will reflect as an allowed application and when launched, the users will have access to only the allowed websites.

For any more deatils or questions, mail us at techsupport@42gears.com or chat with our representative by visiting www.42gears.com.

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Allow SureFox website shortcuts in SureLock

Applies to:
Product SureFox/SureLock
Platform Android


Sometimes you might need to allow few URL shortcuts on your SureLock homescreen, without giving users access to any other site. SureFox Basic in conjunction with SureLock can help you achieve this lockdown configuration. Following settings will be required

1. Allow SureFox as an allowed application in SureLock. Select "Hide Icon" for this so that SureFox application launch icon is not visible on SureLock home screen

2. Configure SureLock to accept Shortcuts created in system.

3. Create your URL Shortcuts from SureFox

Detail steps are as follows:

SureLock Settings:

1. Launch SureLock

2. Access SureLock Settings by tapping 5 times on the screen, within 3 seconds

3. Tap on Allowed Applications

4. On Allowed Applications screen, tap on Add App

5. Select SureFox and tap on Done

6. On Allowed Applications screen, tap on SureFox and select Hide Icon in Home Screen option

7. Tap on Done to return to SureLock Settings screen

8. On SureLock Settings screen, tap on Manage Shortcuts

9. On Manage Shortcuts screen, select  Accept New Shortcut option

10.  Tap on Done to complete

11. Exit SureLock


SureFox Settings:

1. Launch SureFox

2. Access SureFox Settings by tapping 5 times on the screen within 3 seconds

3. Tap on Allowed Websites

4. Tap on Add URL and enter the URL of the website you want to allow

5. Select Set as Starting URL option and tap on Done

6. On Add/Edit Allowed Websites screen, tap on the allowed website and tap on Shortcut

7. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Browser Preferences

8. On Browser Preferences screen, select Allow exit using Back Button

9. Tap on Done and exit SureFox

Now, if you launch SureLock, you will see the shortcut of the website listed on the home screen.


To read more about SureLock, click here.

To read more about SureFox, click here.

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New Optimized Android Remote Control and Support Feature in SureMDM

Applies to:
Product SureMDM
Platform Android

SureMDM with its centralized management and monitoring features makes mobile device and mobile workforce management easy and efficient.  One of such salient features of SureMDM is Remote Control and Support. Remote Control allows you to remotely connect to your devices in field, view its screen and control it using mouse and keyboard in real time from SureMDM Web Console.

We have made major improvements in performance and reliability in our Remote Control feature making it user friendly with our new HTML5 based user interface.



Please note that to make use of the remote control feature on Android devices, your device must either be a Samsung device running Android 4.2.2+ or must be  rooted.

Click here to register for 30 Days Free Trial.

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42Gears at Samsung Developer Conference 2014

42Gears to Showcase New Mobile Device Management (MDM) Product Features at Samsung Developer Conference 2014

42Gears Mobility Systems provides Mobile Device Management and Mobile Workforce Productivity improvement solutions to organizations. This year 42Gears will be showcasing its leading products at Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco.

More than 5000 customers across 50 countries use 42Gears products. Our suite of products includes lockdown and device management solutions. SureLock and SureFox provide industry class lockdown features and the ability to use devices in Kiosk Mode. SureVideo is a video looper for Android that allows management and scheduled display of digital media content. All these solutions integrate seamlessly with our Device Management Platform, SureMDM , and can be configured in devices using centralized SureMDM console.

During the conference 42Gears SureMDM will demonstrate new features that can be used to deploy and manage devices secured by Samsung Knox. With SureMDM SaaS Model, organizations can be MDM-ready within minutes. Customers across globe like SureMDM for its light weight device agent that does not drain device battery power.

SureMDM for Samsung, a KNOX compliant solution has been released with new features - ‘Silent Install’ and ‘Remote Control’ that will empower IT administrators to effectively support the mobile workforce. With SureMDM any Samsung Galaxy device (version 4.2 or above) can be remotely controlled for support and troubleshooting.

42Gears will be at stall 412 on 12th and 13th November.

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How To Manage Your SureLock, SureFox and SureVideo Licenses

Applies to:
Product SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo
Platform Android/Windows


SureLock. SureFox and SureVideo licenses can be managed with License Activation Console.

Using this console you can:

- view licenses usage

- send deactivate request for lost/stolen/broken devices

Note: The mentioned steps are for the lost/stolen/broken devices only. For other devices, follow the deactivation process on the device using Deactivate option.

- set alerts on licenses usage

- access/Edit Product Settings saved on Cloud IDs



Deactivate a License

To remove/deactivate licenses from a device using License Activation Console, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Access http://activate.42gears.com/login.aspx and login with your credentials

2. Once logged in, select the device from the device list

3. Click on Request for deactivation

Once done with the above mentioned steps, 42Gears team would be notified for deactivation.

Note: The mentioned steps are for the lost/stolen/broken devices only. For other devices, follow the deactivation process on the device using Deactivate option.

Set Notification/Alerts

You can also set an alert to be sent to your registered email address if the license available is lesser than your specified number. To enable this option, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Access http://activate.42gears.com/login.aspx and login with your credentials

2. Enter a value in Alert me when 'Total Licenses Available' is less than field

Edit Settings using Cloud ID

License Activation Console also has an option to edit or delete SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo settings using the Cloud ID.

1. Access http://activate.42gears.com/login.aspx and login with your credentials

2. Click on Cloud IDs to go to Cloud ID Management screen

3. On Cloud ID Management screen, enter a cloud ID and click on Search

4. Next screen, make the neccesary changes and click on Save Changes

For any more license related queries, you can get in touch with our support team at techsupport@42gears.com or come online for a real-time support through chat.

To contact details, click here


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Helpful Tips for Setting Up SureMDM On-Premise

Applies to:
Product SureMDM On-Premise
Platform Android/Windows

If you are trying to install SureMDM on Windows 2012 Server and installation is failing after clicking on SureMDM.msi. Follow below mentioned steps:

1. Launch Server Manager

2. On Server Manager Dashboard, click on Add roles and features

3. On Add Roles and Features Wizard, select Server Selection

4. From Sever Pool, select the server where SureMDM is installed and click on Next

5. Make sure all the options are checked as shown in the following image:


 6. Click on Next to complete


For more details on SureMDMclick here

For any further technical queries, write to us at techsupport@42gears.com

For any other queries, send an email to info@42gears.com


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How to get started with SureMDM On-Premise?

Applies to:
Product SureMDM On-Premise
Platform Android/Windows


Server Hardware Processor (x86 or x64):
2GHz / 3GHz (recommended)
Network connectivity:
1 GB of RAM/2 GB of RAM or more [recommended]
Operating System Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later
Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 [recommended]
Storage 10 MB for SureMDM installation
350 MB for Database installation
4 GB for database storage


1. SureMDM and database can be installed on the same server machine depending on the availability and requirements.

2. Database size will grow depending on amount of data stored as logs and job packages created in SureMDM.

Installation Steps:

1. Copy SureMDMWSqlExpress.msi and setup.exe to a folder on the server

2. Launch setup.exe to start the installation.

Note: This will download and install all pre-requisites for SureMDM followed by SureMDM Installation.

3. SureMDM Server Setup Wizard’s Welcome screen will appear


4. Press Next to proceed

5. Next screen will have License Agreement. Go through the details and if you agree, select I Agree and click on Next


6. Choose ASP.NET v4.0 or DefaultAppPool from Application Pool drop down menu and click Next to continue.


7. Next, Nix Configuration Utility will launch. Check the server path value. This must be the host name or the IP address of the server on which you are installing SureMDM. Once done. click on Configure to proceed.


8. Once configured, following message will show up. Note down the path mentioned  and use this path later to download Nix Agent on your mobile device.


9. On Installation Complete screen, click Close to finish installation.


10. After the installation is over, access http://<servername>/suremdm/ to access setup page 


11. On the Database Setup page, create an account by filling out following details and clicking on Create Account:

       Company Name
       Login Username
       Login Password

12. Once done, the next page will give you a confirmation that the account is created. Click on Login to Console to login


13. Use the User Name and Password created in Step 11 to log into the SureMDM Web Console


Enrolling a device

Once SureMDM Nix is installed on the device from the designated link (refer step no. 7 ) or Google Play Store, enroll a device with your SureMDM account by following below mentioned steps:

1. Launch SureMDM Nix on your device and tap on Get Started

2. On the next screen, enter SureMDM Account ID as 1 and tap on Register


3. Enter the Server Path in Configure Server Path field and tap on Set Server Path


Note: Refer to SureMDM Installation step no. 7 for the Server Path details.

4. Next screen, configure a name for the device and tap on Set Device Name


5. Now your device is ready to use.


For any further technical queries, write to us at techsupport@42gears.com

For more details on SureMDMclick here

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Introducing Samsung KNOX Features in SureFox

Applies to:
Product SureFox
Platform Samsung Android


SureFox for Samsung Devices with Android 4.2.2 and above now is powered by Samsung KNOX. This means, for the mentioned devices, there is no rooting required to enable advance lockdown features like:

Disabling Other Home Screen
Disabling Safe Mode
Disabling Factory Reset
Disabling Multi Window
Disabling USB
Disabling Hardware Keys

With an inbuilt option - Enable Samsung KNOX, you can enable following lockdown features without rooting:

Features Details
Disable other Home Screen Disables all other installed Home Screen along with device's Default Home Screen.
Disable Safe Mode Disables users from entering Safe Mode using hardware keys on the device.
Disable Factory Reset Disables users from resetting device to factory settings. This is much helpful if you have allowed Settings as an allowed application and do not want the users to factory reset the device to come out of lockdown. Once this option is enabled, Factory Reset option gets grayed out.
Disable Multi Window Disables multi-window multitasking option on the devices.
Disable USB Disables USB usage of the device for following two uses:
-Mass Storage - restricts access to stored files on the device
-USB Debugging - restricts access to device using Command Prompt
Disable Hardware Keys Disables all the hardware keys of the device.

To access Samsung KNOX options in SureFox, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Access SureFox Settings


2. On SureFox Admin Settings Screen, tap Samsung KNOX Settings


 3. Tap on Enable Samsung KNOX option to enable the lockdown options


To know more about Samsung KNOX, click here.

To download a trial version of SureFox, click here.

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