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Useful Battery Saving Tips for Android devices running SureFox/SureLock

 Applies to:
Product SureLock/SureFox
Platform Android


With the increasing trend of using mobile devices like tablets and android TV sticks for kiosks, information terminals and digital signage, lockdown kiosk software are now expected to do more than just the basic function of locking down the devices. With most of the setups set/deployed at high traffic locations without much manual supervisions, battery usage or consumption is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked.

SureLock/SureFox has some inbuilt features that let you use advance features and still reduce battery consumption by the device.

Following are some of such features:

1. Idle Timeout - This feature gives you the option to set an idle timeout for the device. Once enabled, if the device is idle for the specified period of time , the device automatically gets into the Sleep Mode.

SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Timeout Settings -> Idle Timeout (check box)

SureFoxSureFox Settings-> Browser Preferences->Idle Timeout

2. Prevent Suspend - This feature can be disabled if your device is not required to be switched  'ON' all the time.

SureLockAdmin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Timeout Settings -> Prevent Suspend Mode (Check box)

SureFoxSureFox Settings-> Display Settings->Prevent Suspend mode(check box)

3. Default Brightness - This feature allows you to set a default screen brightness for your device. It further gives you the options to set separate default screen brightness when the device is connected to AC Power or is running on battery .

SureLockAdmin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Power Saving Settings -> Enable Power Saving (check box) ->Default Brightness 

SureFoxSureFox Settings-> Display Settings-> Power Saving Settings-> Default Brightness

4Brightness on Inactivity - This feature gives you the option to specify a time period after which the device screen brightness automatically adjusts to a set level.

SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Power Saving Settings -> Enable Power Saving (check box) ->Brightness on Inactivity

SureFox - SureFox Settings-> Display Settings-> Power Saving Settings-> Brightness on Inactivity

5. Brightness on Battery Level - This feature gives you the option to create multiple profiles with battery levels and corresponding brightness levels. Once set, the device screen brightness will be displayed according to Brightness on Battery Level profiles.

SureLockAdmin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Power Saving Settings -> Enable Power Saving (check box) ->Brightness on Battery Level 

SureFoxSureFox Settings-> Display Settings-> Power Savings Settings-> Brightness On Battery Level

6Keep CPU On - This feature gives you an option to keep CPU always running. You can disable this option, if you do not want the device to run all the processes even after the device goes into the idle mode.

SureLockAdmin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Timeout Settings -> Keep CPU On (Uncheck box)

SureFoxSureFox settings-> Display Settings-> Keep CPU On(Uncheck box)


Apart from these features, we also recommend that you use the following features on the device wisely.

Screensaver -

SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Screensaver Settings -> Enable Screensaver(check box)

SureFoxSureFox settings-> Display Settings-> Screensaver Settings -> Enable Screensaver(check box)


SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> GPS settings

Bluetooth -

SureLock  - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Bluetooth Settings

Mobile data -

SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Mobile Data Settings

For any more assistance and help, contact us.

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Remotely Clear Data from Your Android Apps using SureMDM

Applies to:
Product         SureMDM
Platform           Android


There are cases when the use of an Android device is not limited to just one user. Multiple visitors/users may use the device and it's applications and may end up inputting information. Before the device is used by a new visitor/user, it is needed that it is cleared of existing data. There has to be a way to clear user data after each visitor/user in the device in order to maintain user privacy and confidentiality. In fact, periodic cleaning of user data should be part of a good device management practice. Devices being used as kiosks in particular need the data clearing options.

Individually visiting these kiosks and manually clearing application and user data on the devices is time consuming and not the most efficient way of maintaining devices. Ability to remotely clear data on multiple devices would save precious time and effort.

With SureMDM, it is possible to clear user application data remotely. This option is available for all KNOX enabled or rooted devices. Devices that use signed Nix Agent for the platform can also use this feature.

To clear data of an application remotely using SureMDM, make sure that you have the latest SureMDM Nix Agent installed in the device and follow below mentioned :

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console


2. On SureMDM Home, select the device from the list of enrolled devices


3. Once device is selected, click on Apps from Quick Action Toolbar

select_apps button

4. On Application List prompt, identify and select the application


5. Click on Clear Data


6. Click OK on Cancel Confirmation prompt to continue


7.  Once successfully applied, you will get a prompt saying - Initiated Clear Data

Initiated Clear data

On successful completion of above steps, the application's user data including account settings will be cleared and the application will be reset to the state when it was freshly installed.

If you have multiple devices and want to clear data of a specific application installed in those devices, you don't have to individually visit every device from the list and perform the above mentioned steps. All you have to do is to create a job and apply it to multiple devices at one go. Follow below mentioned steps to create a job:

1. On SureMDM Home, click on Jobs


2. On Jobs screen, click on New Job


3. On Create Job prompt, select Android


4. On Create Job for Android prompt, select Application Settings - New


5. On Application Settings - New prompt, give a name to the job and select the application on which you want to perform Clear Data


6. Select Clear Data from Job Type dropdown menu


7. Click on OK to complete

8. Once back on SureMDM Home, select the devices and apply the job

Use Scenario: Hotels provide locked down Android devices to their guests when they check in . These devices are used by the guests to browse through food menu, available services, running offers, hotel policies etc. loaded on the device . Hotels even have feedback applications on the devices to get user ratings for their services. Guests use the devices for information and feedback during their stay. Post the guest check-out, the Android devices can be remotely cleared for user data using Clear Data feature and make them ready for the next set of guests in no time.


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Taxi Services: Easy and Efficient with Smartphones and Tablets

With the advent of smart devices and their becoming powerful and affordable, businesses have found their uses in newer areas. These smart devices have revolutionized the way business is done today. Touch screen devices have become ubiquitous. The increase in the trend of using these devices have vastly improved the services offered, shortened the business response time, reduced the overall cost for business operations and especially proved very efficient for companies who have mobile workforce. 

Taxi service is one such industry that has benefited from the smart device revolution. Smartphones/tablets have replaced those expensive and bulky mobile data terminals.


These smart devices can now be terminals for the drivers where the jobs arrive. A driver can key in destination address on the device, pick up the passenger and find the most effective route using applications on the device.

Through integration with map software and effective touch screen, these devices have made driver’s job easy and efficient. Checking alternate routes, avoiding traffic, possible commute time and even fare payment has made not only the process streamlined but are also a step further for making passengers’ experience great.


Some taxi services have even started providing entertainment and information (infotainment) to the passengers. The driver's terminal or an additional tablet in the taxi provides a suitable platform to inform and advertise. Weather forecasts, concerts timings, upcoming conferences and tourist attractions can all be made available to the passenger using these devices. Kiosk software now also allows the tablet’s screen to be divided into sections/parts for more effective use of the screen space. This can be a source of additional revenue for the taxi company.

The whole setup can be further made effective using Mobile Device Management solutions like SureMDM. The MDM solutions lets you not only remotely push the jobs to deployed devices in taxis but it also gives you control over tracking, communicating, troubleshooting and much more.

Learn more about such innovative ways in which our customers in the Taxi Industry are using smartphones and tablets. Our range of products; SureLock, SureFox and SureVideo are currently being used by multiple Taxi Service companies across the world.

Reach us at enquiries@42gears.com for insights.

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How to get notification badges in SureLock for Android

Applies to:
Product SureLock
Platform Android

The constant buzzing of your phone or tablet with every notification and alert seems maddening. And the consequent checking of the device can be a major source of distraction for anyone.  But, does that mean you should turn off notifications and alerts altogether?

Turning off notifications and alerts may not be a wise step and especially for Android device which only momentarily displays the notifications and gets collected in the notification panel which has to be swiped open from the top panel. So, there are possibilities that the users do not notice new notifications and miss important messages or alerts.


This is where Notifications Badges comes into the picture. The purpose of this feature is to let the user know how many unread alerts or notifications are there for each of the installed applications and notifies which applications need your immediate attention.

SureLock now has a new feature to show notification badge for all allowed applications which supports notifications.

To enable notification badge, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Access SureLock Settings by tapping on SureLock Homescreen five times within three seconds









2. On SureLock Admin Settings screen, tap on SureLock Settings









3. On SureLock Settings screen, tap and enable Notification Badge option









4. Tap on Done to complete.

If you want to explore more such features of SureLock, download a trial here.

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Why some SureMDM features stopped working after I upgraded my Nix Agent?

Applies to:
Product All Andriod Products
Platform Android

42Gears's products have certain advanced features which require superuser privileges and work only on rooted devices. We recommend SuperSU, for superuser access management on android devices.

Unfortunately in latest release of SuperSU app, it revokes superuser permission for an application if an update to that application is installed. Once this happens, the application no longer has superuser privileges and few of its features might stop working. To overcome this user has to manually launch SuperSU and grant superuser access to that application again.

If you don't want to manually grant access every time you install an application update, there is an option in SuperSU to specify to remember permissions even after an update.

Follow below mentioned process to enable this option:

1. Launch SuperSU















2. Tap on Settings tab















3. Under Settings tab, check the Re-authentication option















Once this option is enabled, you don't have to manually access SuperSU and grant permission every time an update for the application is installed.

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How to allow auto-update of just a few applications from Google Play Store

Applies to:
Product All Andriod Products
Platform Android

Latest version of Google Play allows choosing applications that you wish to auto update when a new version is released on the Google Play market. In the past there were only two options; set auto update for all applications or for none. This new feature is a good change, if you were forced to disable auto updates on your favorite applications because you preferred not to receive auto updates on certain other applications.


This change in Google Play affects all the applications downloaded from Google Play in your device  as this new change automatically sets all the applications into Auto-update mode. For 42Gears products, if you had specified not to receive auto updates, it is important to access Google Play account and deselect the Auto-update option.

Follow below mentioned steps to disable Auto-update option for an application:

1. Access Google Play on your device

2. On Google Play Home, tap on Menu option on the top left of the screen


3. From the menu, tap on My apps


4. On My apps screen, under Installed tab, tap the application you want to change the auto update option


5. Once on App Home, tap on more beside Search icon on top right of the screen


6. On Auto-update prompt, tap on it to deselect


7. Now, you will not receive auto updates for this specified application.

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How to Migrate From Samsung SureMDM Nix Agent to KNOX Nix Agent?

Applies to:
Product SureMDM
Platform Samsung Android

We had two versions of SureMDM Nix Agent; one for Samsung devices (supporting salient features for Samsung devices like reboot, silent installation of applications, etc) and one for Non-Samsung devices. And due to recent policy changes from Samsung, we have now migrated all our Samsung specific changes to our generic version. This means we now have just one version which is compatible with all Android device. This new version makes use of Samsung KNOX SDK to offer salient features for Samsung devices (running Android 4.2.2 and above) like remote control, reboot, silent installation, email configuration, etc. Going forward we will be adding new features and bug fixes to this version only.

In case you have been using the Samsung Nix Agent version 3.14 or  3.17, download the setup from here, extract the files and follow below mentioned steps to migrate from Samsung Nix to KNOX Nix version.


Note: If your device is not locked down with SureLock, skip the first three steps and proceed from step no. 4.

1. Open the file migrate.settings  from the provided package in notepad


2. Find the node with name SurelockPassword here and enter your SureLock password as its value.

     For example, If password is ‘0000’: <SureLockPassword>0000</SureLockPassword>


3. Save the changes

4. Open the file NixSettings.xml from this package in notepad to change the CustomerID and DeviceName in NixSettings.xml


5. Find the node with name CustomerID here and enter your Customer ID as its value.

Note: For SureMDM On-Premise version, enter 1 as the value in node with name server.

     For example, <CustomerID>1234567</CustomerID>


6. Save the file

7. Once done saving, login to your SureMDM Web Console and create a new Jobcreate_job

8. One by one add the following files to this install job and save it (order has to be the same as in the picture)

     SureMDM Nix5.24.apk (Knox) version 5.24,

     suremigratev3.20.apk version 3.20,

     migrate.settings file and



9. Create another Run Script Job and paste the script below in the job




10. Create a Composite Job and add jobs created in step 8 and 9 into it


11. Select the device from Device List section and Apply the Composite Job

12. On device, you have to follow following on-screen instructions to complete:

Note: The users would be forced to complete the migration steps as the prompts will not go off the screen unless the users perform all the below mentioned steps.

 i. Tap on Activate on Activate device administrator prompt


ii. Tap on Deactivate on Device administrator prompt


iii. On Uninstall app prompt, tap on Uninstall 


vi. SureMDM Nix once successfully uninstalled, you will get a prompt with License Agreement


v. Go through the details and tap on Confirm to continue

vi. Once done, new KNOX Nix will relaunch on the screen.

NoteSureMDM will ensure a forced installation of the new KNOX Nix so that the users cannot pass the installation process. The users will get a prompt to install and if denied the prompt would appear after set intervals till KNOX Nix is successfully installed.

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How to use NFC Tags with SureFox?

Applies to:
Product SureFox
Platform Android

NFC or Near Field Communication is capability of two devices to send data to each other when they are brought into close proximity. Nowadays, it is generally used in form of NFC tags which can be read by mobile devices such as Android based tablets and smartphones. NFC usage varies from launching specific websites or for other actions such as providing Wi-Fi configuration to visitors at a café. And, the availability of NFC encoding apps like Tagster have made them even more versatile and functional.

Web applications running in SureFox can take advantage of NFC Tags. SureFox can provide the lockdown of the device with access to only allowed webpages and NFC tags can be configured to launch those webpages. Each product then can have a NFC tag encoded with a web url pointing to a web page containing detailed information about the product. The customer now has to just bring the locked android device close to the product to view the product's detailed information within the browser.


To enable NFC option in your Android device, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Tap on Settings from the menu.

2. On Settings screen, tap on more settings option.

3. On more settings screen, tap and enable NFC option.

4. Once done, your Android device will read all NFC Tags when brought in proximity.

To read more about SureFox, click here

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How to restrict browsing to only allowed websites in SureLock?

Applies to:
Product SureFox/SureLock
Platform Android

Its often intended to lockdown devices to just few applications and few websites. This lockdown configuration can be achieved using SureFox Basic in conjunction with SureLock.

surelock with surefox

To use SureLock and SureFox Basic to lockdown your Android device with access to only allowed applications and allowed websites, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Download SureLock and SureFox

(Please note that there are no separate versions for SureFox Basic or SureFox Pro. There is only one SureFox version that you can install from Google Play or 42Gears website. Based on the activation code, it will either work as SureFox Pro or SureFox Basic.)

2. Launch SureFox

3. Access SureFox Settings by tapping on SureFox Homescreen five times within three seconds

4. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Allowed Websites

5. On Add/Edit Allowed Webistes screen, tap on Add URL to add an allowed website

6. On Enter Website Details screen, enter the details of the website

7. Tap on Done to complete

8. Tap on Exit SureFox to exit SureFox

9. Launch SureLock

10. Access SureLock Settings by tapping on SureLock Homescreen five times within three seconds

11. On Admin Settings screen, tap on Allowed Applications

12. On Allowed Applications screen, tap on Add App to allow an application

13. Select SureFox and tap on Done

14. On Admin Settings screen, tap on Done to complete

Once back on SureLock Homescreen, SureFox will reflect as an allowed application and when launched, the users will have access to only the allowed websites.

For any more deatils or questions, mail us at techsupport@42gears.com or chat with our representative by visiting www.42gears.com.

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Allow SureFox website shortcuts in SureLock

Applies to:
Product SureFox/SureLock
Platform Android


Sometimes you might need to allow few URL shortcuts on your SureLock homescreen, without giving users access to any other site. SureFox Basic in conjunction with SureLock can help you achieve this lockdown configuration. Following settings will be required

1. Allow SureFox as an allowed application in SureLock. Select "Hide Icon" for this so that SureFox application launch icon is not visible on SureLock home screen

2. Configure SureLock to accept Shortcuts created in system.

3. Create your URL Shortcuts from SureFox

Detail steps are as follows:

SureLock Settings:

1. Launch SureLock

2. Access SureLock Settings by tapping 5 times on the screen, within 3 seconds

3. Tap on Allowed Applications

4. On Allowed Applications screen, tap on Add App

5. Select SureFox and tap on Done

6. On Allowed Applications screen, tap on SureFox and select Hide Icon in Home Screen option

7. Tap on Done to return to SureLock Settings screen

8. On SureLock Settings screen, tap on Manage Shortcuts

9. On Manage Shortcuts screen, select  Accept New Shortcut option

10.  Tap on Done to complete

11. Exit SureLock


SureFox Settings:

1. Launch SureFox

2. Access SureFox Settings by tapping 5 times on the screen within 3 seconds

3. Tap on Allowed Websites

4. Tap on Add URL and enter the URL of the website you want to allow

5. Select Set as Starting URL option and tap on Done

6. On Add/Edit Allowed Websites screen, tap on the allowed website and tap on Shortcut

7. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Browser Preferences

8. On Browser Preferences screen, select Allow exit using Back Button

9. Tap on Done and exit SureFox

Now, if you launch SureLock, you will see the shortcut of the website listed on the home screen.


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