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How to play videos from URL on Android kiosks using SureVideo?

Applies to:
Product SureVideo
Platform Android

url_playlist_surevideo1.5SureVideo gives you a platform to turn your Android devices including Android TV into a video playing kiosk in no time. SureVideo’s robust lockdown is accompanied by easy to configure playlist and arrays of complementing features. However, if you have multiple of these devices at multiple locations and their playlist changes often, it may be an extensive process to add a new video in the device and then to the playlist.

One solution to this is to host video online and use the link instead of a local file while configuring the playlist in SureVideo.

To use this feature, host video online and follow below mentioned steps:

1. Launch SureVideo Admin Settings password prompt by tapping screen 5 times within 3 seconds

2. Use your SureVideo Admin password to login


3. On SureVideo Admin Settings screen, tap on SureVideo Settings


4. On SureVideo Settings screen, tap on Configure Playlist


5. On Playlist screen, tap on Add Playlist


6. On Configure Playlist screen, tap on Add Media File/Folder/URL


7. On Add File/Folder/URL screen, tap on Add URL


8. Enter the URL in Set URL For Video Streaming field


9. Tap on OK to complete

Once you exit Admin Settings, SureVideo will start playing the specified video from the link.


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Voting Experience Made Seamless by Election Administrators with 42Gears SureLock


Election Administrators (EA) LLC is the leader in Mobile Election Technology. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, EA currently services over 180 counties within 14 states across the US. EA aims to provide simple, user-friendly, easy to train, cost-effective software that government employees can use and trust.

EA are the pioneers when it comes to using technology for an easy and reliable voting process. They came up with an Android powered tablet that turns paper voter list to electronic copies. The challenge they faced was to make sure that the participants were focused only on the polling application. The data involved during the polling process are sensitive and EA needed a solution that would secure the tablets and data. They decided to choose SureLock after a lot of deliberation as it provides advanced lockdown of Android devices making it impossible for users to access applications which are not allowed by the administrator.

EA is now equipped to secure tablets with SureLock in very quick and efficient manner. Number of devices and distance are no longer a challenge. With SureLock, EA has been able to take the solution to its various customers and has made the polling process seamless and efficient.

For more details, refer to the case study:



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ABC Supply Co., enhances the process of Proof of Delivery by enforcing safety with SureLock


ABC Supply Co., Inc. is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing in the United States and one of the nation's largest distributors of siding, windows and other select exterior building products, tools and related supplies. Since 1982, ABC Supply Co. has grown to become a national organization with more than 450 branches and other facilities in 44 states.

Their large workforce who are on the move delivering supplies to customers use smartphones to stay connected with their co-workers. These smartphones are used to communicate and share work related information through email and other applications. Velocity app is one such application which the associates use to capture Proof of Delivery. However, the company was facing a huge productivity challenge as the associates were able to access applications which were not business related. ABC Supply Co. wanted a solution that would lockdown phones and give access to only the applications needed to perform the business tasks.

ABC Supply Co. chose SureLock and they were able to set it up on devices in no time. SureLock setup is now integrated with existing MDM solution making it more robust. The associates at ABC Supply Co. are more productive with SureLock on their phones. The effort to manage devices and settings has reduced, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiency for the company.

For more details, refer to the case study



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How to setup automatic scheduled reboot of Android devices with SureLock?

Applies to:
Product SureLock
Platform Android


When your Android device is in lockdown mode with access to only allowed applications and no access to device settings, it is quite possible that after certain period of time with extensive usage, the device may show signs of not operating upto its potential level. Device could become slow, Wi-Fi function may get patchy or worse, high battery drainage and so on.

There could be many such common issues which can be fixed by a simple reboot. A reboot could clear cache to counter the slow processing, close services/applications running in the background that might be eating away the battery life or restore lost WiFi connection. However, if you are using Mobile Device Management solutions like SureMDM to monitor and push jobs to your devices, sometimes they need a reboot for the changed settings to come into effect.

Now, SureLock allows you to schedule a reboot of your Samsung KNOX enabled or rooted device. You can simply create a reboot plan for a specific day and time for your kiosks/field devices/or any Android devices with SureLock.

To enable this feature, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Access SureLock Admin Settings by tapping on the screen five times within three seconds and entering SureLock Password


2. On Admin Settings screen, tap on SureLock Settings


3. On SureLock Settings screen, tap on Schedule Reboot


4. On Schedule Reboot Settings screen, tap on Enable Scheduled Reboot


5. Tap on Change Schedule Reboot Time, to specify a time for the reboot


6. Once done, select the days using listed options under Select Days section



7. Tap on Done to complete

Now, your device will automatically reboot on the set time and day without losing the lockdown.

If you want to explore more such features of SureLock, download a trial here.

To read more about SureLock for Android, click here.

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Automatic approval of new enrolled devices in MDM Console using SureMDM

Applies to:
Product                SureMDM
Platform        Android/Windows

If you are enrolling and approving multiple devices in your MDM, the process of manually approving each of those devices can be time consuming.

SureMDMmakes it easy by allowing importing of a list with pre-approved devices details. Once this list is imported in SureMDM, whenever a new device is enrolled, SureMDM checks the pre-approved list and approves the device automatically if listed. To create this setup, below are three steps to be followed:

1. Creating a pre-approved list with device details

2. Importing the file with list of pre-approved devices in SureMDM

3. Configuring SureMDM Nix Agent


To create a pre-approved list follow below mentioned steps:

1. Open Notepad

2. Enter device details in following format:

- Using MAC Address of the device:

      Device Name, MAC Address, MAC, Group Name/Sub Group Name

      Example: Device1, ab:55:c5:55:5d, MAC, Home/NorthAmerica











- Using IMEI Number of the device:

      Device name, IMEI number, IMEIGroup Name/Sub Group Name

       Example: Device1,355555555555555, IMEI, Home/NorthAmerica


Note: You can skip "Group Name/Sub Group Name" if you don't want the devices to be assigned to any group.

3. Name and save the file in .csv format


To import the pre-approved list of devices in SureMDM Web Console, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Log into SureMDM Web Console


2. On SureMDM Home, click on Preapproved option under home


3. On Preapproved screen, click on Import


4. Browse and select the file

Now, whenever the devices with listed IMEI Number or MAC Address in the .csv file are enrolled, they automatically get approved and get added in Device List section or assigned group.


To configure SureMDM Nix Agent, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Launch SureMDM Nix Agent

2. On SureMDM Welcome screen, tap on Get Started


3. Enter the account number in Enter SureMDM Account ID field and tap on Register


4. Next screen, select Use MAC Address or Use IMEI Number from the given options and tap on Set Device Name


Note: The name selected here would be the identification of the device for the auto approval in SureMDM Web Console, hence selecting the correct option between IMEI and MAC Address is important.

5. Tap on Activate to activate device administrator


6. Next screen will be the SureMDM Nix Home Screen



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Motion Detection in SureFox : Prevent distraction by mobile device while on move

Applies to:
Product SureFox
Platform iOS

motion_detection_surefoxWe all understand the danger and consequences of using phones and tablets while driving or even walking on a busy street. However, despite that, it is difficult to set guidelines and policies to restrict anyone from using phones at certain times.  Especially, for businesses managing fleets consisting of hundreds of mobile workforce and drivers, it is a difficult task to enforce policies and monitor the usage of devices while on the move.

SureFox for iOS, along with the option to lockdown the device with only allowed websites, also provides a feature which once enabled will detect the motion of the user and accordingly disable browsing on the device. This works as a safety precaution for the user so that they cannot harm themselves while working on the device.

This option allows you to select from different Sensitivity profiles; Walking, Running and Automotive. If the Sensitivity profile is selected as Running, the user would be able to use the device while walking, however as soon as the user increases the pace and runs or drives, the device screen will get locked.

Note: SureFox uses GPS configuration for this feature to work hence, this feature can be used only on GSM iOS devices.

To enable this feature, follow the  steps mentioned below:

1. Launch SureFox Settings password prompt by tapping on the screen 5 times within 3 seconds


2. Enter SureFox Settings password and tap on OK


3. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Browser Preferences


4. On Browser Preferences screen, tap on Motion Detection Settings


5. On Motion Detection Settings screen, enable Motion Detection option


6. Tap and select the Sensitivity profile from the following options:

- Walking

- Running

- Automotive

surefox_motion_detection_on      surefox_motion_detection_sensitivity

7. Tap on Back to complete

Now, when SureFox is running on the device and if the user performs any of the activities specified in the Sensitivity profile in Motion Detection Settings, the device screen will automatically get locked restricting any activities on the device. The screen will come back to normal once the user stops or lowers the pace than the set Sensitivity profile.


If you want to explore more such features of SureFox for iOS, download a trial here.

Read more about SureFox for iOS, here.

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Quick and easy way to share Log Files using Cloud in SureLock

Applies to:
Product SureLock
Platform Android

Logs help you to maintain, manage and track records of all events and activities on a device or an application. Log Maintenance can be very useful in searching, analyzing and detecting unexpected behaviors of a device or an application. And, these logs can be helpful in a quick diagnosis and resolution of most of the technical concerns.

However, the process of searching for the log files in a device, copying and pasting fairly large sized files in a mail and mailing it to the concerned support team/person could be time consuming and tedious.

With SureLock, working with logs files is quick and easy because it comes with inbuilt option to export log files to cloud. You can simply use Export Log Files to Cloud feature to export files to cloud and share the Cloud ID with the concerned team.

Note: This feature will export Device LogsSettings File and Diagnostic Logs for SureLock,

Follow below mentioned steps to export log files to the cloud:

1. Access SureLock Settings

2. On the SureLock Admin Settings screen, tap on About SureLock


 3. On About SureLock screen, tap on Export Log Files to Cloud option under Diagnostics section


 4. On Export Log Files to Cloud screen, tap on Export Logs


5. Next prompt will give you a Cloud ID for the exported file. You can share this ID with concerned team for assistance.


Read more about cloud options in our products:

6 advantages of using a cloud-based Mobile Device Management solution - Read

Configure Settings using Cloud Import and Export - Read

Configuring Lockdown Settings Remotely for Windows 7/8 using Cloud - Read

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Choose right version of SureMDM for your business: SureMDM SaaS or On-Premise

Applies to:
Product         SureMDM
Platform                All

's Mobile Device Management Solution - SureMDM comes with two delivery options; SaaS and On-Premise. Each of these delivery options has its own benefits and serve different needs. Below are some pointers to help you decide on the right version of SureMDM for your business.

suremdm_saas_logoSureMDM SaaS

point SureMDM is hosted on 42Gears secured servers which means no investment to setup infrastructure and system maintenance.

point Quick and short deployment process.

point You can access SureMDM Web Console anytime from anywhere.

point Based on subscription model which means that you have to pay fixed fee per mobile device (annual/monthly).

point Scalable flexible setup as more number of devices can be added without additional hardware or extended maintenance.

point Upgrades are available as part of the service.

suremdm_on-premise_logoSureMDM On-Premise

point SureMDM setup including servers are installed at your location on your own network infrastructure.

point You maintain control of the servers and data and responsible for their security and administration.

point One-time license fee and optional annual maintenance for devices.

point Optional upgrades, annual maintenance and support.

To read more about SureMDM, click here.

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Useful Battery Saving Tips for Android devices running SureFox/SureLock

 Applies to:
Product SureLock/SureFox
Platform Android


With the increasing trend of using mobile devices like tablets and android TV sticks for kiosks, information terminals and digital signage, lockdown kiosk software are now expected to do more than just the basic function of locking down the devices. With most of the setups set/deployed at high traffic locations without much manual supervisions, battery usage or consumption is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked.

SureLock/SureFox has some inbuilt features that let you use advance features and still reduce battery consumption by the device.

Following are some of such features:

1. Idle Timeout - This feature gives you the option to set an idle timeout for the device. Once enabled, if the device is idle for the specified period of time , the device automatically gets into the Sleep Mode.

SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Timeout Settings -> Idle Timeout (check box)

SureFoxSureFox Settings-> Browser Preferences->Idle Timeout

2. Prevent Suspend - This feature can be disabled if your device is not required to be switched  'ON' all the time.

SureLockAdmin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Timeout Settings -> Prevent Suspend Mode (Check box)

SureFoxSureFox Settings-> Display Settings->Prevent Suspend mode(check box)

3. Default Brightness - This feature allows you to set a default screen brightness for your device. It further gives you the options to set separate default screen brightness when the device is connected to AC Power or is running on battery .

SureLockAdmin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Power Saving Settings -> Enable Power Saving (check box) ->Default Brightness 

SureFoxSureFox Settings-> Display Settings-> Power Saving Settings-> Default Brightness

4Brightness on Inactivity - This feature gives you the option to specify a time period after which the device screen brightness automatically adjusts to a set level.

SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Power Saving Settings -> Enable Power Saving (check box) ->Brightness on Inactivity

SureFox - SureFox Settings-> Display Settings-> Power Saving Settings-> Brightness on Inactivity

5. Brightness on Battery Level - This feature gives you the option to create multiple profiles with battery levels and corresponding brightness levels. Once set, the device screen brightness will be displayed according to Brightness on Battery Level profiles.

SureLockAdmin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Power Saving Settings -> Enable Power Saving (check box) ->Brightness on Battery Level 

SureFoxSureFox Settings-> Display Settings-> Power Savings Settings-> Brightness On Battery Level

6Keep CPU On - This feature gives you an option to keep CPU always running. You can disable this option, if you do not want the device to run all the processes even after the device goes into the idle mode.

SureLockAdmin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Timeout Settings -> Keep CPU On (Uncheck box)

SureFoxSureFox settings-> Display Settings-> Keep CPU On(Uncheck box)


Apart from these features, we also recommend that you use the following features on the device wisely.

Screensaver -

SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Screensaver Settings -> Enable Screensaver(check box)

SureFoxSureFox settings-> Display Settings-> Screensaver Settings -> Enable Screensaver(check box)


SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> GPS settings

Bluetooth -

SureLock  - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Bluetooth Settings

Mobile data -

SureLock - Admin Settings -> SureLock Settings -> Mobile Data Settings

For any more assistance and help, contact us.

To download a trial version of SureFox, click here.

To download a trial version of SureLock, click here.

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Remotely Clear Data from Your Android Apps using SureMDM

Applies to:
Product         SureMDM
Platform           Android


There are cases when the use of an Android device is not limited to just one user. Multiple visitors/users may use the device and it's applications and may end up inputting information. Before the device is used by a new visitor/user, it is needed that it is cleared of existing data. There has to be a way to clear user data after each visitor/user in the device in order to maintain user privacy and confidentiality. In fact, periodic cleaning of user data should be part of a good device management practice. Devices being used as kiosks in particular need the data clearing options.

Individually visiting these kiosks and manually clearing application and user data on the devices is time consuming and not the most efficient way of maintaining devices. Ability to remotely clear data on multiple devices would save precious time and effort.

With SureMDM, it is possible to clear user application data remotely. This option is available for all KNOX enabled or rooted devices. Devices that use signed Nix Agent for the platform can also use this feature.

To clear data of an application remotely using SureMDM, make sure that you have the latest SureMDM Nix Agent installed in the device and follow below mentioned :

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console


2. On SureMDM Home, select the device from the list of enrolled devices


3. Once device is selected, click on Apps from Quick Action Toolbar

select_apps button

4. On Application List prompt, identify and select the application


5. Click on Clear Data


6. Click OK on Cancel Confirmation prompt to continue


7.  Once successfully applied, you will get a prompt saying - Initiated Clear Data

Initiated Clear data

On successful completion of above steps, the application's user data including account settings will be cleared and the application will be reset to the state when it was freshly installed.

If you have multiple devices and want to clear data of a specific application installed in those devices, you don't have to individually visit every device from the list and perform the above mentioned steps. All you have to do is to create a job and apply it to multiple devices at one go. Follow below mentioned steps to create a job:

1. On SureMDM Home, click on Jobs


2. On Jobs screen, click on New Job


3. On Create Job prompt, select Android


4. On Create Job for Android prompt, select Application Settings - New


5. On Application Settings - New prompt, give a name to the job and select the application on which you want to perform Clear Data


6. Select Clear Data from Job Type dropdown menu


7. Click on OK to complete

8. Once back on SureMDM Home, select the devices and apply the job

Use Scenario: Hotels provide locked down Android devices to their guests when they check in . These devices are used by the guests to browse through food menu, available services, running offers, hotel policies etc. loaded on the device . Hotels even have feedback applications on the devices to get user ratings for their services. Guests use the devices for information and feedback during their stay. Post the guest check-out, the Android devices can be remotely cleared for user data using Clear Data feature and make them ready for the next set of guests in no time.


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