SureMDM for Wearables

Manage Your Android Smartwatch
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Wearables are the next wave in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) industry. They are all set to support businesses by strengthening communication, enhancing workforce mobility and productivity, especially in challenging industries like healthcare, logistics, retail, supply chain and remote support. 42Gears EMM Suite allows enterprises to convert Android Smartwatches into dedicated-purpose devices and remotely manage them, making them enterprise ready.

Android Wearable Management

Remotely manage and control your Android Smartwatches


  • Real time location tracking
  • Call and SMS log updates
  • Remote buzz device service


  • Remote file transfer
  • Send files run script
  • Push apps updates
Wearable Management Solution - App Management


  • Lockdown wearable device
  • Whitelist applications
  • Restrict access to settings


  • Remote App Installation
  • Remote App Updates
  • Remote App Uninstallation


  • Two-way messaging
  • Data/Battery notifications
  • Alerts on SIM change

Features Offered by SureMDM for Smartwatches

Location tracking

Location Tracking
Real-time location tracking and monitoring

Call logs

Call Logs
Remotely view call logs of the device

File transfer

File Transfer
Remotely transfer files to the device

Easy messaging

SMS Logs
Remotely view SMS logs of the device

Remote settings

Remote Settings
Remotely configure or edit WiFi settings

Enterprise easy messaging

Enterprise Easy Messaging
Two-way messaging setup with broadcasting option

Health monitoring

Device Stats Monitoring
Remotely monitor and set device stats like battery, memory etc

Telecom management

Telecom Management
Monitor and manage Mobile Data usage of the device

Application Management

Application Management
Remotely install, uninstall and update apps

Are you looking for a solution to lockdown Android Smartwatches?