iPad and iPhone Screen Sharing using SureMDM

Ability to remotely view iOS screen in real-time is an excellent way to provide technical support or training to your iPhone and iPad users. If you can see it, you can fix it.

42Gears EMM solution – SureMDM has a native feature to remotely view iPhone and iPad screens right from the browser window on your laptop. SureMDM is one of the first EMM platforms with screen share functionality for iOS 11 devices, without the use of a third-party screen sharing solution.


Getting Started:

Install SureMDM Nix Agent from App Store on your  iOS device, enroll it into your SureMDM account and follow the below mentioned steps:

On iPhone or iPad:

1. Swipe from bottom to open Control Center

2. 3D touch (long press) on the record button

If you don’t see record button, go to Settings > Control Center > Customise Controls > Tap + against Screen Recording under More Controls.

3. Select SureMDM Nix and then press Start Broadcast



On SureMDM Web Console:     

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console

2. Click and select the iOS device

3. Click Remote from Quick Action Toolbar

4. The new tab will real-time show the device screen

iOS Screen Sharing feature in SureMDM is very useful for providing remote support and troubleshooting services to iPhone and iPad users. To explore more such features available in SureMDM for iPads and iPhones, click here.

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