Configure WiFi Settings in Lockdown Mode using SureLock/SureFox

Applies to:
Product SureLock/SureFox
Platform Android

SureLock/SureFox offers an effective lockdown of your device with no access to device settings and access only to allowed applications and websites respectively. However there are times, when the user requires access to certain settings in devices like Wi-Fi Settings. This is a mostly required for those devices which are constantly in move from one Wi-Fi Network to another or devices whose Wi-Fi Network access credentials changes frequently for security reasons.

You can overcome this concern with help of Wi-Fi Center which is automatically installed when you install SureLock/SureFox.

In SureLock, once it is added as an Allowed Application, it allows the users to access and modify Wi-Fi Settings without accessing to device settings.

To add Wi-Fi Center as Allowed Application in SureLock, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Access SureLock Settings

2. On SureLock Settings screen, tap on Allowed Applications

3. On Allowed Applications screen, tap on Add App

4. Select Wi-Fi Center from the Available Application list

5. Tap on Done to complete

SureLock Home Page with WiFi Center

Once done, you can launch Wi-Fi Center to:

  • turn Wi-Fi on or off
  • connect/disconnect Wi-Fi
  • switch between different Wi-Fi Networks

In SureFox, Wi-Fi Center can be enabled by enabling and including Configure Wi-Fi option in the Context Menu.

To enable and include Configure Wi-Fi option in the Context Menu, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Access SureFox Settings

2. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Display Settings

3. On Display Settings screen, tap on Enable Context Menu

4. Tap on Context Menu Items and select Configure Wi-Fi from the given list

5. Tap on Done to complete

6. Once done, on long press on the SureFox screen will launch a context menu with Configure Wi-Fi option

7. Using Wi-Fi Center, you can perform following actions  :

  • turn Wi-Fi on or off
  • connect/disconnect Wi-Fi
  • switch between different Wi-Fi Networks

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