How to Remotely Configure Zebra Hardware Peripherals Using SureMDM

How to Remotely Configure Zebra Hardware Peripherals Using SureMDM

Android-based rugged devices by Zebra Technologies are widely used across the globe. They are purpose-built to streamline on-field operations. Zebra’s partnership with 42Gears allows enterprises to control, secure and manage these Zebra Android rugged devices using its signature EMM solution – SureMDM.

With SureMDM, enterprises can remotely configure Zebra devices for the following features:

  •         Remote Reboot
  •         Factory Reset
  •         Clock Manager
  •         Bluetooth and NFC Manager
  •         Display Manager: Timeout 
  •         Device Settings and Notifications Control
  •         UI Manager (Enable/Disable Clipboard, Clear Clipboard, Enable/Disable Home Key)
  •         Camera and USB Manager
  •         Wi-Fi Manager
  •         OS Upgrade
  •         Silent Application Uninstallation
  •         Silent Application Upgrade
  •         Blacklist System Applications
  •         Whitelist Third-party Applications
  •         Install and Uninstall Certificates
  •         Manage Unknown Sources

42Gears has created distinct scripts to manage the above-mentioned features on Zebra devices. Admin can simply apply these scripts as jobs on their devices using SureMDM.


How to create a job with a script in SureMDM?

To create a job with a script in SureMDM, follow below-mentioned steps:

Note: The script in the steps is to remotely wipe and factory reset the device. To view a list of scripts, click here.

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console.

2. Click Jobs

3. Click New Job.

4. Select the OS platform as Android.

5. Click Run Script.

6. Give a name to the job and in Script field, enter the following script


am broadcast -a com.gears42.enterpriseagent.zebra_sdk -e script zebra(<wap-provisioningdoc><characteristic type='PowerMgr' version='4.2' > <parm name='ResetAction' value='6'/></characteristic></wap-provisioningdoc>)

7. Click Save

8. Go back to SureMDM Home

9. Select the device you want the script to be pushed to

10. Click Apply

11. Select the saved job

12. Click Apply to complete

Once done, the device will automatically get factory reset. You can follow the same steps for remotely applying the other above listed peripherals settings on Zebra devices just by changing the scripts.

Click here to view a list of all SureMDM scripts for peripheral configurations supported on Zebra Android devices.


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