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Data Usage Mobile Devices - SureMDM

With high possibilities to exploit Android devices by its users, the potential result is either impaired devices or high data usage. The easy access to internet, games, messaging apps and host of interesting applications can incur huge data usage cost and not to forget device maintenance and repair charges. Extreme data usage also hampers productivity of the device as well as the employee.

Locking down the device to only required functions and applications can work well if the users are intended to use only certain functions. However, if the users have to perform a host of activities then lockdown seems inappropriate.

In such scenario, one sensible step to counter data misuse is by closely monitoring data usage by devices, understand the trends and work accordingly on a solution.

SureMDM offers an effective mobile device management through host of management and monitoring features. One of them being Reports.

This inbuilt reporting feature now includes Data Usage report which lists data usage by enrolled devices in SureMDM. This report provides a base for data usage trend analysis and can give insights on device users who need instant intervention.

To pull up data usage report using SureMDM, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console


2. On SureMDM Web Console, click on Reports


3. On Reports page, click on Data Usage option


4. Select the From Date and Till Date and click on Generate Report


5. A new tab will list the data usage of all enrolled devices


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