Phone Settings

1. Introduction

1.1 What is SureLock?

1.2 How does it work?

2. Getting Started with SureLock

2.1 Download SureLock

2.2 Launch SureLock

2.3 Access SureLock Settings

3. Allowed Applications

3.1 Add App

3.2 Edit Allowed Application

3.3 Remove Allowed Application

3.4 Add Folder

4. SureLock Settings

4.1 Wallpaper

4.2 Wallpaper Position

4.3 Use System Wallpaper

4.4 Icon Size

4.5 Spacing between the icons

4.6 Text Color

4.7 Allow Icon Relocation

4.8 Full Screen Mode

4.9 Notification Badge

4.10 Hide App Title

4.11 Single Application Mode

4.12 Application Launch Delay

4.13 Run Only Once

4.14 Create Single App Mode Exit File

4.15 Change Password

4.16 Admin Users

4.17 Disable Bottom Bar

4.18 Hide Bottom Bar

4.19 Camera Settings

4.20 Wi-Fi Settings

4.21 Mobile Data Settings

4.22 GPS Settings

4.23 Bluetooth Settings

4.24 Sound Settings

4.25 Volume Setting

4.26 Airplane Mode Settings

4.27 SureLock Homescreen Orientation

4.28 Rotation Settings

4.29 Brightness Settings

4.30 Enable Toast Message

4.31 Set Custom Access Denied Message

4.32 Watchdog Service

4.33 On Launch of Unallowed Application

4.34 Suppress Notification Panel

4.35 Disable Status Bar

4.36 Suppress Power Button/Keyboard

4.37 Keyboard Settings

4.38 Bootup Delay

4.39 Prevent Suspend Mode

4.40 Keep CPU On

4.41 AC Power Prevent Suspend

4.42 Schedule Prevent Suspend Mode

4.43 Idle Timeout

4.44 Idle Timeout Application

4.45 Reset Brightness Timer on Idle TimeOut

4.46 Schedule Reboot

4.47 Widget Settings

4.48 Tittle Bar Settings

4.49 SureLock Analytics

4.50 Power Saving Settings

4.51 Default Brightness

4.52 Brightness on Inactivity

4.53 Brightness on Battery Level

4.54 Disable Brightness Change On Third-Party

4.55 Number of Taps

4.56 Access Settings Timeout

4.60 Enable Log

4.61 Set Log File Path

4.62 Use Advance Hide Bottom Bar

4.63 On Press of Home Button

4.64 Disable Touch Input

4.65 Memory Settings

4.66 Screensaver Settings

4.67 Enable Diagnostic Log

4.68 View Diagnostic Log

4.69 Clear Diagnostic Log

5. Samsung KNOX Settings

5.1 Enable Samsung KNOX

5.2 Disable Other Home Screen

5.3 Disable Safe Mode

5.4 Disable Factory Reset

5.5 Disable Multi Window

5.6 Disable USB

5.7 Mass Storage

5.8 USB Debugging

5.9 Disable Hardware Keys

6. Allowed Widgets

6.1 Add Widget

6.2 Remove an allowed widget

6.3 Add App/Shortcut

7. Manage Shortcuts

7.1 Accept New Shortcuts

7.2 Add Shortcut

7.3 Add Settings Shortcut

7.4 Test Shortcut

8. Phone Settings

8.1 Call Progress Screen

8.2 Block All Incoming Call

8.3 Block All Outgoing Call

8.4 Blacklist Phone Number

8.5 Whitelist Phone Number

8.6 Block All Incoming SMS

8.7 Enable SMS Command

8.8 SMS Command Password

9. Import/Export SureLock Settings

9.1 Export to File

9.2 Export to Cloud

9.3 Import from File

9.4 Import from Cloud

9.5 Reset Settings

9.6 Enable Automatic Import

9.7 Auto Import From

9.8 Periodically Check

9.9 Enable Scheduled Automatic Import

9.10 Export Activation Code

10. Exit SureLock

11. Uninstall SureLock

12. About SureLock

Call Progress Screen

If your device has calling options and SureLock is running, you can receive calls, however you may not get the call progress screen which has all the information and options for ongoing call. Use Call Progress Screen to enable the call progress screen in your device.

Block All Incoming Call

Use Block All Incoming Call option to block all incoming calls.

Block All Outgoing Call

Use Block All Outgoing Call option to block all outgoing calls.

Blacklist Phone Number

Blocking of all incoming and outgoing calls option blocks all calls, however if you wish to block incoming or outgoing calls only for selective phone numbers, use Blacklist Phone Number option. 

Whitelist Phone Number

Blocking of all incoming and outgoing calls option blocks all calls, however if you wish to allow incoming or outgoing calls only from selective phone numbers, use Whitelist Phone Number option. 

Block All Incoming SMS

Use Block All Incoming SMS option to block all incoming SMS.

Enable SMS Command

If your device is locked down with SureLock and is capable of receiving SMS, you can use SMS Command to perform remote activities on the device.

For example, resetting or changing forgotten device Lock PIN with a SMS command. Once Enable SMS Command option is enabled, you can take any phone and send a SMS to the locked device with a new Lock PIN.


SMS Command Password

Use this option to protect your SMS command with a password. This SMS Command Password can be used to secure your SMS command and avoid unauthorized users to misuse SMS Command feature.


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