Case Study - Technology

Innovative Trials deploys an EMM ecosystem in just weeks with 42Gears products

Innovative Trials is a full-service provider of first-class patient recruitment and retention solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Contract Research Organizations (CRO). They offer custom-made solutions tailored to the exact needs of all kinds of studies. Their clients range from small independents to large multinationals, single country studies to large international programs.

They offer recruitment and retention services by providing a complete and robust solution which supports all areas of patient recruitment and retention. Innovative Trials maximize the potential for patient recruitment at each site, helping to complete recruitment for the study on time, or even ahead of schedule.


Innovative Trials wanted to deploy devices at multiple locations for one of their clients - a large clinical organization in the United States. This client initially came up with a request that required the deployment of Android devices with access to only entertainment apps. These devices were meant for children visiting their clinics as part of the study to keep them occupied during the visit.

With children using unprotected and unmonitored mobile devices, there were always some possibilities of devices being misused. It could be tampering with settings, unintentional downloading of malware and more.

During the design stage of deployment of the devices, the client also requested Innovative Trials for a feature that would enable them to allow controlled browsing access on the device.

Innovative Trials had no previous experience on such a large scale deployment of electronic devices across different locations. New technology, a large number of devices to be deployed, 70 different locations and just 6 weeks to review, source and deploy proved to be a big challenge for Innovative Trials. They not only needed to identify a simple device management solution but also had to make sure that the setup could be automated for configuring and deploying devices in the future.


They not only needed to identify a simple device management solution but also had to make sure that the setup could be automated for configuring and deploying devices in the future.


Innovative Trials reached out to multiple mobile device management solution providers in the market, however they found the products being offered were too complex and required extensive setups. Most of the solutions did not even have basic features that were needed for a successful deployment.

Innovative Trials came across 42Gears products that were not only intuitive, but also packed with features which were tailor-made for their requirements.

Innovative Trials chose SureLock because of its core feature of locking down Android devices into kiosk mode. SureLock also proved to be easy to use and quick to deploy. They also made use of advance device locking features like booting up with lockdown, configuring/disabling Wi-Fi, hiding apps away from the device home screen and more.

Innovative Trials picked SureMDM to keep track of all the deployed devices as it gives a centralized view of all the devices spread across different locations. SureMDM also helped to keep track of deployed devices and support them remotely.

SureFox allowed Innovative Trials to offer controlled website access without exposing any additional website or search capability. They also made use of in-built settings options for SureLock and SureFox for remotely changing settings to allow new apps/websites.

Innovative Trials really liked SureMDM automation scripts, SureLock admin mode option, being able to upload own logos, images and automating the whole process. For Innovative Trials, SureMDM was the easiest MDM product to understand and operate.

With the combination of SureLockSureMDM and SureFox they were able to perform in-house testing with possible scenarios to make sure that the concept and setup worked. The entire process of implementation took just 6 weeks from request to shipping out the first Android device to the site.


Once all the three products – SureMDMSureLock and SureFox from 42Gears was deployed, Innovative Trials rolled out the project and finished positioning of all the device on time. Innovative Trials were able to showcase their ability to deliver on a number of different areas to their client which would not have been possible without products from 42Gears.

Innovative Trial was able to deliver a robust lockdown and management setup to their customers within the required time. Since the initial rollout, they have already received additional requests which are now easy and quick to operate with remote management.


“With the complete suite of 42Gears products that includes SureLock, SureFox and SureMDM we were able to fulfil all the requirements of our clients. The quick response from the support team helped us in getting all our issues resolved.”

Dave Watkins,
Operations Director,
Innovative Trials