Online Community Moderator


The Online Community Moderator will implement the community moderation strategy, monitoring and moderating user-generated content to ensure that the community forum remains a safe and fun environment.

This tech-savvy role is responsible for enabling, engaging, and growing the community forum by following industry best practices, coordinating with stakeholders across the organization to ensure its effectiveness, promoting excellent customer service, and helping cultivate a strong community around our brand. 

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Day-to-day moderation of community platform, triaging customer support inquiries, answering product questions, enlisting assistance from SMEs for complex queries, connecting the “right” people to issues that arise, etc.
  • Organizing various community-building initiatives to cultivate and grow participation in community forums.
  • Share community feedback and insights with the product team to help define and validate the product features.
  • Engage in a timely, respectful way that mirrors the best of our customer service to build strong relationships with community users and partners. 


  • 8+ years of experience building, moderating, and growing online communities/discussion forums.
  • Strong interpersonal and customer handling skills to build relationships and influence stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated excellence in both written and verbal communications.
  • Experience in understanding and optimizing digital communities based on analytics and user engagement.