S3Flame: Share files as URLs

Jun 18, 2009 | 42Gears Team

Amazon S3 provides a cool feature that makes it easy to share files with others. S3Flame users can easily create web urls (http:// or https:// ) of the files that they want to share. For example, a file baby.jpg stored in a bucket familyalbum can be accessed with the url http://familyalbum.s3.amazonaws.com/baby.jpg. The owner should also give sufficient permission (READ) to the person who is accessing the file.

Creating Time-Expired URLs

With S3Flame users can create URLs that are valid only till specified date and time. There is no need to provide any permissions to users for accessing time-limited URLs.

Sharing content with BitTorrent

Anonymous users can also access your files via bittorrent. S3Flame creates a torrent friendly link like http://familyalbum.s3.amazonaws.com/baby.jpg?torrent which can be fed into a BitTorrent client application. When the first time the link is accessed by a bittorrent application, a small torrent file is automatically created. This small torrent file can be of significant size for a large file size. For such files owner should access the file via bittorrent so that the torrent file is created and the actual users won’t observe any latencies later.

Using S3Flame to share file stored on S3 bucket

Using S3Flame to share file stored on S3 bucket

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