Remote Management of Linux Devices with SureMDM

Remote Management of Linux Devices with SureMDM

Linux, one of the most reliable computer ecosystems, has a large user-base that spans different industries and use cases. It is slowly catching pace and is being recognized as a versatile and cost effective OS for desktop computing and handheld business devices. For example, Linux-based Raspberry Pi, which made its first appearance in 2012, is considered an ultra-flexible and customizable platform that businesses can benefit from.

42Gears EMM solution supports remote management of Linux devices. You can remotely install apps, create/delete directories, remotely transfer files and perform various file operations of the device itself.

How to setup remote management of Linux devices with SureMDM Nix Agent?

To set up SureMDM on your Linux device is very easy. Make sure your Linux device has following configurations and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open jdk 7 or above
  • Oracle jdk 7 or above
  • JDK/JRE 9

NoteSureMDM will work on all Linux versions and has been validated on Ubuntu version 15.04 onwards (32-bit or 64-bit) and Fedora version 15 onwards (32-bit or 64-bit).


1. Download SureMDM Nix Agent



2.Execute following command to extract tar file:

$ tar -xvzf nix.tar.gz


3. Execute following command to go to nix folder and grant execute permissions to the file

sudo chmod +x nix/


4. Execute following command to install SureMDM Nix Agent

sudo  nix/


5. Provide Account ID


6. SureMDM Nix Agent will be installed 0n the Linux machine

7. Once done, login to SureMDM Web Console which will have the Linux machine listed under Device List section and ready to be remotely managed.

Remote Management of Linux Devices with SureMDM - SureMDM Web Console

Helpful commands:

  • To check SureMDM Nix Agent’s service status, use following command:
sudo service nix status
  • To start/stop/restart nix service use the commands:
sudo service nix start
sudo service nix stop
sudo service nix restart
  • To view nix logs, use following command:
cat /var/log/syslog | grep nix

How to change SureMDM Nix Agent configuration?

To change SureMDM Nix Agent configuration, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Execute following command:

sudo vim /usr/share/java/nix/nix.conf

2. Edit the configuration


3. Save and exit from vim editor by pressing Exit and enter :wq


4. Restart SureMDM Nix Agent once changes are made and saved


Linux based mobile devices can be reliable, secure, dependable yet cost effective platforms for businesses to expand their mobility strategies, if used with comprehensive EMM solution like SureMDM. Give it a try! Register for a free trial here to explore what more you can do with your Linux devices.


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