Quick mobile devices tracking with GeoTags

Quick mobile devices tracking with GeoTags

When an enterprise adopts mobile devices for its daily business activities and equips its workers with mobile devices, identifying an easy way to manage and track these devices is of utmost importance. Tracking enterprise-owned devices can be very crucial to ensure device safety and also to have visibility into workers’ activities.

SureMDM offers an easy and efficient way to track enterprise mobile devices. Sometimes it’s important for the administrator to find the location of their company devices with reference to some landmark on the map. Searching and scrolling to such landmarks can be very repetitive and cumbersome. SureMDM now makes this easier with the new geo tagging feature.


GeoTag allows you to tag your frequently visited locations on the map which mean you don’t have to scroll and scan through the map manually to find these locations. These geo tags are saved in you location tracking screen and just a single click on these tags take you to a saved locations on the map.

How to create a GeoTag?

To create a GeoTag on a map, follow below mentioned steps:

1. On SureMDM Home, click on Locate


2. On Location Tracking screen, search or scan through the map and go to the desired location which you would like to tag


3. Once in the desired location, right-click and select Add GeoTag here


4. Give a name to the tag


5. The newly created GeoTag will start reflecting under Saved Geo Tags


6. Now, click on the saved GeoTags to go directly to the saved location under that tag

GeoTags adds to the existing comprehensive location tracking features of SureMDM to ensure an effective and efficient way to manage and monitor enrolled mobile devices irrespective to OS platforms.

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