Prevent access to Safe Mode on Android devices with SureLock

Safe Mode in Android was first introduced in Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and was similar to the Safe Mode function offered by Windows operating system. The idea behind the feature was the same, to load only the default factory settings and allow access to native applications. Once the device switches to safe mode, third party applications cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store or any other app store can be accessed. The user also can uninstall any third party applications.

Safe Mode on most of the Android devices can be activated by a long press on the power button. It’s as simple as that. So, what happens when employees or users of a company are handed company-owned devices for use? Access to the Safe Mode feature would allow users to bypass any installed lockdown or management solution (MDM).

Block Safe Mode using SureLock

To counter the loophole caused by the Safe Mode feature in Android devices, SureLock offers Lock Safe Mode function that prevents the user from entering Safe Mode by locking it with a password.

How to Activate Lock Safe Mode in SureLock

1. Go to SureLock Home Screen and tap 5 times to launch the password prompt

2. Enter the admin password to go to Admin Settings

3. Tap on SureLock Settings and then on Lock Safe Mode


4. On Lock Safe Mode prompt set a password

5. Once the password is set, Lock Safe Mode will be activated

Now, any time a user tries to enter Safe Mode, SureLock will ask for the password, without which the Safe Mode won’t be accessible.

Please note:

1. Lock Safe Mode feature may not work on Encrypted devices.

2. If you are using any third party apps to change the password policies, this feature may not work as expected.

3. Enabling this feature will remove the PIN/Password set on the device, hence devices are not protected.

4. Please make sure you evaluate this feature on few devices, before doing the mass deployment.


Case Study for Lock Safe Mode

Lock Safe Mode has been beneficial in situations where enterprises have to ensure that the devices handed out to customers, users, or employees are never misused. This feature is a favorite among our customers in the education sector.  One of the leading edu-tech companies has used the Lock Safe Mode on devices which are handed out to their students.

Android Safe Mode - Education

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