How to monitor and control Mobile Data usage on Windows devices?

A lot of businesses wonder what is leading to a heavy internet usage on their enterprise-owned mobile devices. And, it is a common scenario where cellular mobile data of a business mobile device diminishes without much clue. With mobile devices getting smarter, networks getting faster and ever-changing dynamic nature of the users, it has become difficult for businesses to counter this concern with just in-built data management device settings.

SureMDM can help you counter this challenge on Windows devices with its Telecom Management feature. It offers a quick solution to remotely set mobile data thresholds and corresponding actions like triggering an alert mail or complete blocking of mobile data.

To apply telecom management setting on a Windows device, register and setup SureMDM account, download latest SureMDM Nix Agent on the mobile device/laptop/desktop, enroll the device and follow below-mentioned steps:

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console

2. Click Jobs New Job.

3. On Select the OS screen, select Windows.

4. On Select Job Type screen, click Telecom Management Policy.

5. On Telecom Management Policy prompt, give a name to the job, check Enable Telecom Management option.

6. Select desired Billing CycleMonthly/Weekly/Daily/Custom and specify the Billing start date.

7. Set the first threshold with the subsequent action under Limit 1 section by specifying a value in GB/MB and by selecting an appropriate action:

  • Block Data – Blocks mobile data flow on the device
  • Send Device Alert – Sends an alert mail to the device users on SureMDM Mailbox
  • Send SureMDM Alert – Sends an alert mail to the SureMDM Admin on SureMDM Web Console
  • Send Email Alert – Sends email alerts to specified email addresses

8. Set the second threshold with subsequent action under Limit 2 section

9. Click Ok to complete and save the job

10. Go to SureMDM Home and select the desired Windows device

11. Click Apply

12. Select the Telecom Management job that was created and click Apply

When the Windows device reaches the mobile data use threshold specified in Limit 1 and later in Limit 2, the specified actions would automatically get triggered and applied respectively.


Telecom Management feature is also available for Android and iOS platform. To read more about SureMDM, click here.  

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