Mass Enrollment in SureMDM using Knox Mobile Enrollment

Knox Mobile Enrollment is a quick and easy way to enroll and setup multiple devices with an EMM solution. It enables out-of-the-box EMM enrollment and configuration of new Samsung devices. If the devices are not bought through a reseller, Samsung still offers an option for enrollment and configuration using NFC and Bluetooth.


SureMDM and Knox Mobile Enrollment

SureMDM supports Knox Mobile Enrollment and can be configured to enroll and push default profiles to Samsung devices using a back-to-back phone bump (NFC) or Bluetooth.

To configure SureMDM with Samsung Knox Mobile Enrolment and setup Knox Deployment app with SureMDM profile, follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Open a browser and go to Samsung Knox website and login with your credentials.

2. In My Solutions section, under Knox Mobile Enrollment, click on Launch.

3. A Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment tab will open.

4. Go to MDM Profiles.

5. Click on Add.

6. Provide MDM URL as or (if you are using SureMDM’s new DNS feature)

7. Give a name, description and click on Add MDM applications.

8. On Add MDM Applications prompt, enter the location where MDM Agent APK is hosted.

For latest version, use

9. In Custom JSON Data enter following data:


For Example:- You can also enter JSON data as follows:



  • CustomerId is the account id of the SureMDM Console that helps the device to recognize server path of the console. On the Console, click Settings icon to view the Account Id.
    Example- CustomerId: 000000
  • ServerPath is the URL used to access SureMDM Console.
  • GroupPath is the path of a group/sub-group to which the device will get enrolled.
    Example- Home/test
  • DeviceNameType is the device name that will be displayed on the console. You can select an option from the following to set the device name.
    UseMac– Mac Address of the device
    UseIMEI– IMEI number of the device
    UseSerialNumber– Serial number of the device

10. Click on Save.

11. If devices were bought from a reseller, reboot or factory reset the device. On successful reboot and on internet connectivity the device will auto enroll and configure with specified MDM profile.

If the devices were bought from non-reseller, then continue with the next step.

12. Install and open Samsung Knox Deployment Application on a Android device.

13. Login with same credentials as of KME Portal.

14. Select the created MDM Profile.

15. Select mode to deploy profile to Samsung device i.e Bluetooth or NFC.

16. If its NFC, place a NFC enabled Samsung device next to the configured reference device for instant enrollment and configuration.

Place a NFC enabled Samsung device next to the configured device for instant enrollment and configuration

17. If Bluetooth is selected as Deployment Mode, open a browser window and go to

18. Follow the steps to complete.

Note: To use Bluetooth as Deployment Mode, both the devices have to be connected to the internet.

This process can be very useful for bulk enrollment of Samsung business devices as it is not just convenient but a more secure option too. To explore more about Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment, click here.

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