Introducing AirLink Manager – A Mobile Device Management Tool

Nov 09, 2009 | 42Gears Team

Companies are increasingly using mobile devices for variety of purposes such as for providing email access to employees or for running business applications. One of the biggest challenges faced by IT departments is to manage these devices when they are out in the field in the hands of the users. It’s just too costly (in terms of time and money) to physically bring the devices to the IT people for maintenance or troubleshooting.

Solution to the above problem is to use a Remote Mobile Device Management (RMDM) tool like AirLink Manager. AirLink currently supports only Windows Mobile devices. It consists of two components: AirAgent which runs on the mobile devices and is responsible for performing jobs sent by the AirLink Manager, a desktop tool operated by the IT Admin.

AirLink Features:

* Remote Software Distribution (CAB Installation)
* Remote Program Execution
* File Transfer
* Device Health Check (Memory, Battery etc.)
* Messaging (Directly push messages to end-users)
* Remote Reset
* Device tracking with GPS (Upcoming…)
* Remote Wipe (Upcoming…)
* Remote Control (Upcoming…)

We have planned a lot more features in the future releases of AirLink. Check out the preview release.

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