How to remotely push files to a Linux device?

How to remotely push files to a Linux device?

File Transfer Job for Linux in SureMDM allows IT Admins to remotely push files to enrolled Linux devices.

To create and apply a File Transfer Job, follow below mentioned steps:

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console

2. Click on Jobs

SureMDM Jobs

3. Click on New Job and then select OS as Linux

SureMDM Linux Option

4. Click on File Transfer

5. On File Transfer Properties screen, give a name to the job and click on Add

Create SureMDM Jobs for Linux to perform File Transfer

6. Browse and select the file to be transferred and click on OK

7. Once the job is created, go to SureMDM Home, select the desired Linux device and click on Apply

SureMDM Jobs Linux - Run Script - Select Device

8. On Apply Job To Device prompt, select the job and click on Apply

You can track the status of the applied job in the Activity Log section at the bottom of SureMDM Web Console.


Remote File Transfer is supported on other OS platforms as part of EMM features in SureMDM. To explore this feature in Android, click here.

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