How to remotely manage applications on Google Wear OS

How to remotely manage applications on Google Wear OS

Smartwatch adoption by businesses is full of challenges such as mass deployment , remote management of applications including installation, uninstallation and updating the app to newer version. 42Gears UEM solution enables IT Pros to remotely manage apps on Wear OS.

Manage Wear OS Devices with SureMDM

Follow these steps to remotely manage applications on Wear OS:

1. Install SureMDM Nix Agent on Android Smartwatch from Google Play Store.

2. Launch the Nix Agent app, tap on Settings, enter Account ID and check Enable Nix Services option.

3. Once configured, ADB debugging has to be enabled.  

To enable ADB debugging, go to Device Settings > select System >  Click About > Tap Build Number multiple times (5 times).

Developer option will be enabled.

4. Now Developer option will be available under main settings page.

5. Go to Developer option > Enable ADB debugging> Enable Debug over Wi-Fi.

6. Login to SureMDM Web Console.

7. Click Jobs and then create a new job.

8. Select Android Wear as the operating system.

9. Click on Run Script job.

10. On Run Script prompt, add appropriate runscript from the following and Save the job.

Run script for application installation:


curl -O

adb -s $$destination$$ install surelockwear.apk

Run script for application uninstallation :


adb -s $$destination$$ uninstall <Package Name>

Run script for application Update  :


curl -O

adb -s $$destination$$ install -r surelockwear.apk

Note: For remote install and update, upload the apk file on a server and use the link in the run script. 

For list of run scripts for Android Wear OS, click here.

11. Go to SureMDM Home, select the smartwatch from the devices list and click Apply.

12. Select the created job and click Apply.

Note: User must select “Always allow from this computer” option.

To allow debugging, re-apply the same job using SureMDM Web Console.

Allow debugging

Please note that it may take at least 10 minutes to install 5MB apps.

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