How to Remote Wipe your Windows Mobile devices?

Device security is one of the prime concerns why companies deploy mobile device management solutions such as SureMDM. An important requirement is the capability to remotely wipe the critical business data (hopefully all data) residing on the device incase of loss or theft. Remote Wipe is also known as Remote Kill.

42Gears mobile device management suite comprising SureMDM and SureCop provides two ways to remotely wipe the lost mobile devices.

Using SureMDM: Go to the Jobs panel and create a Remote Wipe job. Then select a mobile device from the list and apply the Remote Wipe job. If the device is currently online, the wipe operation will commence immediately. Otherwise it will start when the mobile device connects with the server again.

Using SureCop: Send a text message containing wipe command and password from the manager phone.


As soon as the remote phone receive the SMS message the wipe operation is initiated. Note that the SMS message can be sent from the registered manager phones only.


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