Enhanced Web Kiosk Performance and Experience with SureFox xWalk


SureFox has been helping customers all over the world in setting up creative, rich HTML5 kiosks. We have taken our efforts to provide responsive and awesome web kiosk experience one step further by developing a new SureFox with xWalk version based on Crosswalk Project.


What is Crosswalk Project?

The Crosswalk Project is open source, released under a BSD licence. The project was founded by Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. Crosswalk is effectively a modified version of Chromium, the open source basis of the Google Chrome browser.



Why the new rendering engine?

Crosswalk provides access to the full range of modern web APIs supported by Chrome. By contrast, the Android Chrome-based web view lacks some features which are available in Chrome on Android.

Find more about the Crosswalk Project here – https://crosswalk-project.org/



What are the advantages of using crosswalk as a new rendering engine?

1.       Get consistent, predictable behaviour by reducing Android device fragmentation.

2.       Uses latest web innovations/APIs to provide rich experience on all Android 4.0+ devices.

3.       Improve the performance of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.



So, what does SureFox with xWalk has to offer to me?

SureFox with xWalk is in the initial phase of re-engineering of existing SureFox using the Crosswalk Rendering Engine. Since the Crosswalk Rendering Engine is evolving on a daily basis, here is the list of features which SureFox with xWalk offers now. More than 78% of the features of SureFox is supported by this version.

SureFox and SureFox xWalk Features Comparison – May2016



Which features will not be working in SureFox with xWalk as of now?

Currently cache, context menu, download and upload are the major features which is still in evolution. Here is the list of features in details which are not supported as of now.

SureFox and SureFox xWalk Features Comparison – May2016



Fine, what SureFox with xWalk offers that the normal version doesn’t?

SureFox with xWalk can offer many new HTML 5 features like WebCL(Heterogeneous parallel computing in HTML5 web browsers) ,Vibration APIPredictable LayoutCSS features queriesShared mode to name a few in our future releases.



Why is the apk size difference?

Older SureFox is 3MB but new SureFox with xWalk is 41 MB. Why the difference? The rendering in older SureFox comes with in-built Android but for SureFox with xWalk, we need to have the (application package, apk) include the crosswalk runtime, that increases the size of the application.



What about performance?

SureFox with xWalk offers better performance in terms of page load time, less memory usage, browser rendering and backward compatibility as compared to older SureFox. Moreover, it works on ARM as well as x86 devices.



Where can I download?

To download from Google Play Store – click here

To download from 42Gears website – click here



Will license I purchased for older SureFox will work for SureFox with xWalk as well?




What’s the process to enable SureFox with xWalk?

Make sure that your SureFox version on your device is the latest one and follow below-mentioned steps to enable SureFox xWalk:

1. Access SureFox Settings

2. On SureFox Settings screen, tap on Browser Preferences

3. On Browser Preferences screen, tap on Advanced Settings

4. On Advanced Browser Preferences screen, tap on Browser Engine option

5. On Browser Engine prompt, select xWalk to complete

Have further questions? Please feel free to reach to techsupport@42gears.com.

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