Enable Watchdog Service for Advance Lockdown on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop devices



SureLock offers different levels of lockdown on an Android device. It can be restricting the device users to only few allowed applications or an advance locking down of device with just one application running all the time.

There are also few complementing features in SureLock like Watchdog Service. This feature once enabled will restrict the users from accessing restricted applications through an allowed application. For example, if Watchdog Service is not enabled and Camera is the only allowed application, users can launch gallery using Gallery option on the camera screen. Watchdog Service also enables following advance lockdown features in SureLock:

  • Rotation Settings – Enable or disable screen rotation
  • Brightness Settings – Set and lock brightness of the device screen
  • Enable Toast Message – Enable or disable notifications as toast messages
  • Custom Access Denied Message – Customize and create your own Access Denied message
  • On Launch of Unallowed Application – Redirection of the screen to the desired screen on launch of unallowed applications

Because of Android limitations, Watchdog Service and Disabling Child Windows feature behave differently on different Android versions (as mentioned in the table below). To enable functionalities of these features, Apps with usage access option under Security has to be enabled on the device.

Android Version Enable Watchdog Disable Child Windows
Below Android 5.0 Enabling Apps with usage access not required Enabling Apps with usage access not required
Android 5.0 Enabling Apps with usage access not required Enabling Apps with usage access required
Above Android 5.0 Enabling Apps with usage access required Enabling Apps with usage access required


To enable Apps with usage access on an Android device, go to Settings > Security > Apps with usage Access > SureLock 




Note – Follow the same process of enabling Apps with usage access on devices with Android Lollipop and above to enable blocking of allowed applications’ child windows in SureLock . 

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