Enable Time Fencing to schedule specific use of enterprise mobile devices

Mobile devices are now quite an essential tool in the business workspace. Enterprises of all sizes are leveraging mobile devices to develop an efficient, productive and adaptive workforce. But with increasing adoption of mobile devices in the business environment, a new set of security and management challenges have surfaced. One of them is to ensure definite use of the mobile devices at definite times.

For example, you want to make sure that your workforce does not access their social media accounts when they are in the daily 9 o’clock meeting or auto launch an app on their device before they clock out for the day.

Does it sound complicated to ensure certain mobile device to behave a certain way at a certain time?

With comprehensive mobile device management solution like SureMDM, anyone can easily time fence BYOD and corporate-owned devices. Time Fencing refers to creating a periodical boundaries for the mobile devices to behave or function a certain specified way.

To time fence an enrolled device in SureMDM, follow below-mentioned steps:

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console

2. On SureMDM Home, click on Jobs

3. On Select Operating System screen, click on Android or iOS

4. On Select Job Type screen, click on Time Fence

5. On Time Fence prompt, check Enable Time Fencing and fill out following details:

Select Fence – Select the Start Time, End Time and select the Days of the week

Fence Entered – Select the job that needs to be triggered at the specified Start Time and also specify if an alert has to be sent to device/MDM/email.

Fence Exited – Select the job that needs to be triggered at the specified End Time and also specify if an alert has to be sent to device/MDM/email.

6. Click on Save to complete creating time fence profile

7. Now, go back to SureMDM Home, select any Android or iOS device and use Apply option to apply it to the desired device(s)

For example, using above steps in SureMDM, you can set up a time fence to start at 10 o’ clock on enrolled Android or iOS devices which automatically launches daily task app and triggers an email to the admin.

Time fencing offers a convenient way for enterprises to manage mobile devices and overcome efficiency, security and productivity challenges. This time-enabled automatic setup using SureMDM can benefit business who deals with cumulative lead time and demands tasks to be executed strictly on scheduled time.

SureMDM also offers fencing of Android and iOS devices based on geo-location and network. Click here to try SureMDM for free.


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