Change Android Lock Screen PIN with SMS using SureLock


Locking Android devices with Lock Screen Pin is an important part of security policy for any mobile enterprise or organizations with mobile workforce. Ensuring a strict Lock Pin policy enables these organizations to secure the devices from any intentional threats to sensitive data, information and settings.

Some of these security policies get stricter when they demand periodic change of device Lock PIN for enhanced security reasons. This may sound feasible and sensible if you have the devices physically with you to manually change the Lock Pins, and if we are talking about a handful of devices.

If your device is locked down with SureLock with capability to receive SMS and has internet connectivity, with the inbuilt SMS Command feature, you can set a new Lock Pin or change an existing one through SMS. This could be done even if you don’t know the old pin of the device.

SureLock’s SMS Command feature allows an authorised user to communicate with the device and perform activities like changing or setting a Lock Pin. The implementation of OTP sent over configured email for authentication of SMS commands makes the whole process safe and secure.


To use Reset Password using OTP generated using SMS command please follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Go to SureLock Settings (by tapping 5 times and entering admin password)

2. Tap on Phone Settings and check to enable Enable SMS Command feature

3. Export SureLock Settings using Import/Export Settings options

4. Open SureLock Settings file and add following tags below enablesmscommand tag:

  • <smtpemailusername></smtpemailusername> (email account from which the email is sent)
  • <smtpemailpassword>password</smtpemailpassword> (the password for the email account)
  • <smtpemailhost></smtpemailhost> (host mail/constant value )
  • <smsotpemailtoaddresses></smsotpemailtoaddresses>

Note: smsotpemailtoaddresses can have multiple email addresses separated by coma, for eg.,

5. Once done save the settings file and import it on the device

6. Use a phone to create OTP using the following SMS command. This OTP will be sent to the address configured in smsotpemailtoaddresses


Note: 1232 is OTP id which can be used to distinguish OTP email for that device

7. Once you receive the email with OTP, use it in the SMS in the below mentioned format to change device password to 0000


Note: You can replace 0000 with any alphanumeric to set as device pin/password


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