Share your location with your phone contacts

SureCop has a neat little feature that Windows Mobile phone users can use to share their location with anyone in their contact list. Tap on Actions -> Send My Location. You will see your phone address list. Select a contact from the list. SureCop will then calculate your GPS location, prepare a special google maps…

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Why SureCop is better than other online phone tracking solutions?

SureCop uses SMS as communication medium. That’s why it works on phones with no internet connectivity. The person who finds your phone can replace the SIM card that does not have a data plan. In such situations the online phone tracking solutions will not work as they cannot reach the phone. Besides some online phone…

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Our new product: SureCop Anti-Theft Security and Location Tracking Software for Windows Mobile phones

42Gears has released SureCop, a new mobile phone security and location tracking solution for Windows Mobile phones. SureCop provides three useful features to safeguard your lost or stolen phone: Remote Lock, Remote Wipe and Location tracking on map. SureCop also has features for everyday personal use, such as sharing personal location with friends and family members.

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