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Enhanced Web Kiosk Performance and Experience with SureFox xWalk

SureFox has been helping customers all over the world in setting up creative, rich HTML5 kiosks. We have taken our efforts to provide responsive and awesome web kiosk experience one step further by developing a new SureFox with xWalk version based on Crosswalk Project.   What is Crosswalk Project? The Crosswalk Project is open source, released under a BSD licence. The project…

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Ensure Driver Safety using SureLock

If you have mobile workforce who are extensively on the move like ones in logistics and shipping companies, they are expected to deliver their services on strict time-lines and also use their mobile devices to access corporate communication, data and resources. When these workers use mobile devices while driving, to make phone calls, read or respond to e-mails,…

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6 Forms of Wearable Technology You Must Know Right Now

Wearables or wearable devices are the latest entrants in the field of electronic devices. These wearable devices take the form of accessories like eyewear or a wrist device while there are others which are integrated into any piece of clothing like T-shirts or caps. Wearables not only perform basic tasks of computing as laptops or…

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