Past Webinars

Date: 27th July 2017

Duration: 22 Minutes

Enterprise Mobility Security with 42Gears' Products

Businesses are increasingly adopting mobile devices in daily business workflow due to benefits of convenience and improved productivity. However, it has also caused an increase in data and information security threats, making it necessary for enterprises to take proactive counter measures. As an enterprise solution provider, 42Gears takes necessary actions to not only lower the possibilities of device and data risk but also to ensure agile and seamless enterprise mobility adoption and management. The webinar will cover - how customers can keep their data/devices safe using 42Gears EMM products.

Mobile Application Management (MAM) by 42Gears

Date: 15th June 2017

Duration: 35 Minutes

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

While MDM helps to push mobile applications, additional app level security is required to secure and manage them in the continuous evolving mobile deployment environment. Mobile Application Management (MAM) is the framework for securing, governing and distribution of enterprise mobile apps. 42Gears MAM solution offers app-level security along with a custom Enterprise App Store to help manage the complete app lifecycle and offer multiple app distribution methods.

Check out our next webinar on Mobile Application Management (MAM) by 42Gears where we’ll talk about the following:

  • Application Distribution
  • Enterprise App Store
  • Application Management
Android Wearables-banner

Date: 11th May 2017

Duration: 35 Minutes

Support for Android Wearables

Mobility has become indispensable in business. Enterprises are striving hard to keep pace with new technologies entering the market every day. Several organizations across the globe have adopted wearable technology into their work process to benefit from its unique user experience. Like any other mobile technology used for enterprise use, it is necessary to secure and manage wearables with an EMM solution to make it compatible with business requirements. 42Gears EMM Suite for wearables makes them ready for the enterprise use.

  • Adoption of wearables into business
  • Use case scenarios
  • How 42Gears EMM solution helps optimize wearable device management for seamless adoption in business workflow.
BYOD Strategy

Date: 6th April 2017

Duration: 35 Minutes

BYOD with SureMDM

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to grow as a key strategy to increase productivity and employee efficiency for organizations across the globe. It enables personal devices to access sensitive business data anytime, from anywhere, mounting pressure on IT admin to implement appropriate security policies. SureMDM is a flexible and effective solution securing employee personal phones for work. Check out our webinar to get in-depth look at how ’BYOD with SureMDM’ can prove to be a potent solution for customers trying to secure critical data while adapting to the ever-changing business scenario of allowing employees to bring their own personal devices to work.

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