Kiosk Mode on Android with SureLock

SureLock for Android has been released. Trial version is available for download from our website as well as from the Android market.


SureLock v3



  • Lock down smartphones and tablets into kiosk mode
  • Restrict users to allowed applications only
  • Block users from accessing default Home screen
  • Show/Hide widgets on SureLock homescreen
  • Create custom layout by dragging and dropping application icons at any place on homescreen
  • Suppress system notifications windows
  • Disable or Hide Bottom Bar in Android Honeycomb and IceCream Sandwich(ICS) based devices(‘Hide Bottom Bar’ feature requires rooted devices)
  • Display custom icons for allowed applications
  • Brand SureLock with custom background wallpaper
  • Block user from playing games, browsing or installing unapproved applications
  • Block user from changing System Settings
  • Admin can securely unlock the device with a password
  • Configure multiple devices with SureLock’s Import/Export Settings

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